Department : Department of Accounting & Finance

Location : Dehradun

Designation : Sr Executive

Job Description :




§ Getting goods and services for the best price and value.

§ Contract management and negotiation.

§ Cutting any waste and unnecessary costs to create a streamlined process.

§ Dealing with international suppliers.

§ Understanding and keeping up with new trends and regulations in the business.

§ Working with suppliers to ensure that key processes are running efficiently and cost-effectively.

§ Responsible for Order Placement Timing, Supply / Demand Alignment, Material Replenishment and Supplier Performance.

§ Building strong working relationships both internally and with key suppliers.

§ Continuously monitoring, evaluating and improving supplier performance.

§ Sourcing the most affordable materials for the University.

§ Projecting stock levels.

§ Reviewing tenders and bids.

§ Controlling the purchasing budget.

§ Monitoring delivery times to ensure they are on time.

§ Ensuring the adequate supply of all required materials, components and equipment.

§ Delivering cost savings for the University.

§ Managing the procurement supplier relationships for the University.

§ Helping to source alternative items for buyers and customers.

§ Developing sourcing strategies.

§ Regularly contacting suppliers to renegotiate prices.

§ Resolving disputes and claims with vendors and suppliers.

§ Keeping all supplier programs current and accurate.

§ Delegating projects and tasks to junior staff.

§ Promoting best practice across the University.

§ Involved in writing up contracts and the terms of sales.

§ Developing relationships with distributors.

§ Working to create and promote a safe working environment.

§ Involved in selling off excess, damaged stock. 



Experience :

0 Year 0 Month - 3 Year 0 Month