Duration of Program 4 Years (8 Semesters)


Seats 240*

*Total Seats in B.Des. 

UPES School of Design’s Under Graduate Programme in User Experience and Interaction Design blends technical know-how, interdisciplinary research and a creative artistic-scientific approach. This enables the development of creative interfaces that generate progressive and innovative applications for media design, media research, media art, and communication. The graduates will gain proficiency in creating engaging user interfaces, ranging from 2D screen (UI for web and mobile) to 3D (AR/VR).

Academic Framework

The foundation of higher learning at UPES since its inception has been to explore and promote areas of learning that are innovative and future focused. This has led to constant evolution in facilitating creative and collaborative learning engagements for students through realignment of curriculum and exploration of virtual tools, and open-source courseware; thereby creating borderless learning and access to limitless information.

The new curriculum framework at UPES, ABLE (Academic Blueprint for Learning Excellence) is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. The learning is segmented into core subject studies, core specialism studies, minors/exploratory subjects, and signature and life skills learning. The latter three are offered by the newly-instituted School for Life.

SFL (School for Life) is an intrinsic part of the composite UPES student experience and facilitates learning and education that is a balance between what students want, and what is needed of them as future global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. With courses designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills, a focus on a wide range of contemporary issues, and a mandatory social and professional internship experience that is unique, UPES believes in igniting to inspire the best version within an individual to better the world.


  • Information Architect (IA)

  • Interaction Designer (IxD)

  • User Experience (UX) Designer

  • User Interface (UI) Designer

  • Creative Director

  • Lead Designer

  • Design Strategist

  • Content Strategist

Examination Pathway:

UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPES-DAT) followed by personal interview and a presentation on the work portfolio.



Name of Test Mode of Test Date of Test Duration Last Date to Apply
UPES-DAT  Online 23 Oct 2021 1 hr 22 Oct 2021


  • Date of interview and portfolio presentation will be announced post UPES-DAT result

Non-Examination Pathway:

On the basis of valid Board Merit, NIFT, NID and UCEED ranking, candidates will directly go for the personal interview and presentation on the work portfolio.

Date of interview and portfolio presentation will be announced post UPES-DAT result.

Eligibility Criteria:

Minimum 50% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary Level (X and XII any Stream)



Subject Code Subject   Credits
SDCS 1014 Sketching Drawing 1   5
SDCS 1026 Elements of Design   3
SDCS 1027 Colour   4
SDCS 1028 Geometry   5
SDCS 1018 SLA   2
SDCS 1006 Material exploration I   2
SLLS0101 Living Conversations School of Life 2
SLLS0102 Learning how to learn School of Life 2
  Total   25





Subject Code Subject   Credits
SDCS 1019 Sketching Drawing 2   5
SDCS 1020 Principles of Design   5
SDCS 1021 Design Process   6
SDCS 1023 Computer Applications   2
SDCS 1010 Material exploration II   2
SLLS 0103 Leadership and Teamwork School of Life 2
SLSG 0101 Critical Thinking and Writing School of Life 3
  Total   25





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDIN 2001 User Centred Design Process 3
SDIN 2002 Fundamentals of Interaction Design 3
SDIN 2003 Cognitve Ergonomics-I: Fundamentals and Practices 2
SDIN 2004 Principles of Information Design 3
SDPJ 2109 Project 1: Simple Interaction Design 6
SLLS 0201 Design Thinking 2
SLSG 0201 Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century (Human Values and Ethics) 3
  Exploratory Elective 1 3
  TOTAL 25





Subject Code Subject redits      
SDIN 2005 Visual Interface Design: Aesthetics Principles in UI Design 3 1 2 0
SDIN 2006 Cognitve Ergonomics-II: Tools & Techniques 2 1 0 2
SDIN 2007 Task Analysis & System Modelling 2 0 2 0
SDIN 2008 Prototyping of User Interfaces 4 1 2 2
SDPJ 2114 Project 2: Multimodal System and Interface Design 6 1 1 0
SLLS 0202 Working with Data 2 0 0 12
SLSG 0202 Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship 3      
  Exploratory Elective 2 3 1 2 0
  TOTAL 25      





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDIN 3002 Notification and Dialogs Design 2
SDIN 3003 UI Guidelines and its Applications 2
SDIN 3004 Machine Learning for Designers 2
SLLS 0301 Persuasive Presence 2
SLSG 0301 Start Your Start-up 3
  Exploratory Elective 3 3
  Professional Elective 1 3
SDIN 3005P User Data Analytics and User Modelling  
SDIN 3006P Research Methods and Statistics in Design  
  Project 3: Professional Elective 2 6
SDPJ 3116P Designing Interactive systems for Social Needs   
SDPJ 3117P Design for Special Need  
  TOTAL 23





Subject Code Subject Credits      
SDIN 3007 Usability Engineering and User Testing 3 1 2 0
SDIN 3010 Portfolio Creation and Presentation Skills I 2 0 2 2
SDPJ 3118 Project 4: Immerssive Interface Design 6 0 4 4
INDT 3101 Industrial visit 1 0 0 2
  Exploratory Elective 4 3      
  Choose Anyone of the following 3 1 1 2
SLSG 0302 Solving Complex Problems   1 1 2
SLSG 0303 Technologies of the Future   1 1 2
SLSG 0304 Future Casting   0 1 4
SLSG 0305 Managing Relationships and Being Happy   0 1 4
  Professional Elective-3 3 0 1 4
SDIN 3008P Semiotics of Digital Interfaces        
SDIN 3009P Design Semantics   1 1 2
  TOTAL 21      





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDIN 4005 Photography 3
SDPJ 4116 Project 5: Minor Projct(stud interest) 6
  Exploratory Elective 5 3
  Choose Anyone of the following 3
SLSG 0401 India and Its Place in the Contemporary World  
SLSG 0402 Theory of Everything  
SLSG 0403 Digital Transformation  
SLSG 0404 Finding your Purpose in Life  
  Professional Elective-4 3
SDIN 4001P Instructional System Design  
SDIN 4002P Instructions Design for Digital Products  
  Professional Elective-5 3
SDIN 4003P Inclusive Design   
SDIN 4004P Design Interface for Infotainmnt Systm  
SDIN 4006P Machine Learning for Designers  
  TOTAL 21





Subject Code Subject   Credits      
SDPJ 4117 Graduation Project: Interaction Design   15 0 0 30
  TOTAL   15      


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