Duration of Program 6 Years


Seats 10

Legal experts with an engineering degree are better equipped to understand technology as it is applied to the industry. Through this course, the students will be able to demonstrate conceptual knowledge in core areas of computer science. In the program, students will take several non-law papers, core law subjects as well as honours paper. Choose from 2 specialisations (Specialisation based on CGPA of IV / VI semesters)


The foundation of higher learning at UPES since its inception has been to explore and promote areas of learning that are innovative and future focused. This has led to constant evolution in facilitating creative and collaborative learning engagements for students through realignment of curriculum and exploration of virtual tools, and open-source courseware; thereby creating borderless learning and access to limitless information.

The new curriculum framework at UPES, ABLE (Academic Blueprint for Learning Excellence) is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. The learning is segmented into core subject studies, core specialism studies, minors/exploratory subjects, and signature and life skills learning. The latter three are offered by the newly-instituted School for Life.

SFL (School for Life) is an intrinsic part of the composite UPES student experience and facilitates learning and education that is a balance between what students want, and what is needed of them as future global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. With courses designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills, a focus on a wide range of contemporary issues, and a mandatory social and professional internship experience that is unique, UPES believes in igniting to inspire the best version within an individual to better the world.


Cyber Laws

The program is a unique amalgamation of computer science knowledge and laws pertaining to the cyber world. This specialisation equips students to find solutions to the legal issues in the cyber space. With the ever-growing scale of digital technology, malicious activities are also on the rise on the Internet. Hence, the need for the specialisation will rise rapidly in the future.

 Intellectual Property Rights

Through this course, students will be able to demonstrate conceptual knowledge in core areas of computer science, integrated knowledge of legal principles and computer science, and exhibit skills in practices and procedures of Intellectual Property Law. In the program, students will take several non-law papers, core law subjects as well as honours paper. One formidable strength of UPES School of Law is the broad and diverse range of elective modules that allows students to pursue their interest in a particular field of law.

Cyber Laws

  • Lawyer
  • Advocate
  • Techno-legal Professional
  • Legal Advisor
  • Cyber Crime Specialist

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Patent Lawyer  
  • Intellectual Property Paralegal
  • Legal Manager
  • Intellectual Property Analyst
  • Senior Associate - Legal
  • Law Officer
  • Legal Attorney
Minimum 50% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary level (X and XII) and Minimum 50% aggregate in PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) at Senior Secondary level (XII). 
Through Board Marks, JEE, CLAT or LSAT India scores


Minimum 50% marks at Higher& Senior Secondary level (10th & 12th) and minimum 50% aggregate in PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) at Senior Secondary level (12th class).




Valid JEE, CLAT or LSAT India scores


Last date to apply: 20 Aug. 2021

The last date to submit academic/ national exam scores: 22 Aug. 2021

The result will be declared by: 24 Aug. 2021

Last date to submit the admission fee by 31 Aug. 2021



Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 1006 Law of Tort and Consumer Protection Laws 4
SLLS 0102 Learning how to learn 2
SLLS 0101 Living Conversation 2
CSEG 1010 Principles of Programming Languages 4
CSEG 1110 Principles of Programming Languages Lab 1
CSIB 1001 Introduction to IT Industry Verticals 2
MATH 1036 Engineering Mathematics  3
PHYS 1023 Engineering Physics 3
PHYS 1123 Engineering Physics Lab 1
  TOTAL 22





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 1001 Legal Methods and Legal Reasoning 3
SLLS 0103 Leadership and Teamwork 2
SLLS 0202 Working with Data 2
CSEG 1013 Operating Systems 3
CSEG 1011 Data Structures  3
CSEG 1111 Data Structures lab 1
CSEG 1014 Computer System Architecture 3
CSEG 1113 Operating Systems Lab 1
CSIB 1002 Python Programming 3
CSIB 1102 Python Programming Lab 1
CSEG 1012 Discrete Mathematics 3
TOTAL   25





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 2011 Law of Contract I 4
CLCC 2001 Constitutional Law I 4
SLLS 0201 Design Thinking 2
SLSG 0201 Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century 3
CSEG 2008 Software Engineering & Project management 3
CSEG 2022 Data Visualization 2
CSEG 2122 Data Visualization Lab 1
CSEG 2020 Object-Oriented Programming 3
CSEG 2120 Object-Oriented Programming Lab 1
SLLS 2001 Social Internship 0
  Core Electives 1 4
CSEG 2023P Computer system architecture  
CSEG 2024P Formal Languages and Automata Theory  
CSEG 2025P Math Logic for Software Engineers  
CSEG 2026P Computer Graphics  
CSEG 2027P Prob, Stat & Data Science for Engineers   
CSEG 2028P Linux and Source Code Management  
  TOTAL 27





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 2014 Law of Contract II 4
CLCC 2005 Constitutional Law II 4
SLSG 0203 Critical Thinking and Writing 3
SLSG 0202 Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship 3
CSEG 2009 Data Communication and Computer Networks 3
CSEG 2109 Data Communication and Computer Networks Lab 1
CSEG 2031 Artificial Intelligence 3
CSEG 2131 Artificial Intelligence Lab 1
  Core Electives-2 4
CSAI 2008P Artificial Intelligence  
CSEG 2032P Modelling and Simulation  
ECEG 2044P Signal Processing and Pattern Analysis  
CSEG 2033P Soft Computing & Optimization Techniques  
CSBC 2023P Distributed Systems  
CSEG 2034P Cryptography and Network Security  
TOTAL   26





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 3002 Family Law I 4
CLCC 3038 Law of Crimes I: Indian Penal Code 4
CLCC 3035 Code of Civil Procedure & Limitation Act 4
SLSG 0301 Starting your Startup 3
SLLS 0301 Persuasive Presence 2
CSEG 3033 Cryptography and Network Security - mathematical perspectives 3
CSOS 3012 OSS Standards, Development Methodology and Licensing 3
CSEG 3015 Compiler Design 3
CSIB 3001 Introduction to IT Industry Verticals 2
PROJ 3103 Minor Project I 2
SIIB 3107 Govt. Internship 0
  Core Electives-3 3
CSDV 3014 Agile Development Specialization  
CSEG 3034 Ruby on Rails  
CSVT 3018 Cloud analytics tool  
CSEG 3035 Digital Product Management Specialization  
CSEG 3036 Serverless Computing  
CSEG 3037 Symbolic Computing  
  TOTAL 33





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 3007 Family Law II 4
CLCC 3039 Law of Crimes II: CrPC 4
CLCC 3040 Law of Evidence 4
  Foreign Language 2
CSSF 3017 Digital Forensics 3
PROJ 3105 Minor Project II 2
  Core Electives-4 3
ECEG 3053 Systems and Signals  
CSEG 3038 High-Performance Computing  
CSMC 3005 Pervasive Computing  
CSVT 3019 Utilization of Cloud Platform for Domain  
CSEG 3039 Brain-Computer Interface  
  Choose Anyone (Hons 1) 4
CLCB 3001 IT Governance and Law (Hons 1) Cyber Law
CLIR 3001 Copyright Law and Practice (Hons 1) Intellectual Property Rights
  Choose Anyone 3
SLSG 0302 Solving Complex Problems  
SLSG 0303 Technologies of the Future  
SLSG 0304 Future Casting  
SLSG 0305 Managing Relationships and Being Happy  
TOTAL   29





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 4022 Transfer of Property and Easement Law 4
CLCC 4027 Company Law I 4
CLCC 4023 Jurisprudence 3
CLCC 4009 Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance 4
PROJ 4101 Major Project I 4
  Core Electives-5 3
  Choose Anyone (Hons 2) 4
CLCB 4003 Internet Regulation and Jurisdiction (Hons 2) Cyber Law
CLIR 4003 Law of Trademarks (Hons 2) Intellectual Property Rights
  Choose Anyone 3
SLSG 0401 India and Its Place in the Contemporary World  
SLSG 0402 Theory of Everything  
SLSG 0403 Digital Transformation  
SLSG 0404 Finding your Purpose in Life  
SLSG 0405 Contemporary World  
  TOTAL 29





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 4028 Administrative Law 4
CLCC 4029 Company Law II 4
CLCC 4024 Interpretation of Statutes 4
CLCC 4030 Information Security Governance, Management Practices, Information Security Audit & Monitoring* 3
PROJ 4112 Major Project II 4
  Choose Anyone (Hons 3) 4
CLCB 4004 E-Commerce and Fintech Law (Hons 3) Cyber Law
CLIR 4004 Patent Law and Practice (Hons 3) Intellectual Property Rights
  Core Electives-6 3
TOTAL   26





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 5020 Labour Law I 3
CLCC 5021 Environmental Studies & Law 4
  Choose Anyone 4
CLCC 5022 Intellectual Property Law  
CLCC 5019 Information Technology Law  
  Choose Anyone (Hons 4) 4
CLCB 5015 Cyber Crimes and Electronic Evidence (Hons 4) Cyber Law
CLIR 5015 Trade Secrets and Sui Generis IPR (Hons 4) Intellectual Property Rights
  Choose Anyone (Hons 5) 4
CLCB 5016 AI and Big Data Law (Hons 5) Cyber Law
CLIR 5016 Industrial Design Law (Hons 5) Intellectual Property Rights
  TOTAL 19





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 5023 Labour Law II 3
CLCC 5024 Taxation Law 4
CLCC 5007 Alternate Dispute Resolution (including workshop) 4
CLCC 5025 Mediation (with Conciliation) 3
CLCC 5026 Media and Entertainment Law 4
  Choose Anyone (Hons 6) 4
CLCB 5017 Data Protection Law (Hons 6) Cyber Law
CLIR 5017 Commercialisation of IPR (Hons 6) Intellectual Property Rights
TOTAL   22





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLCC 6001 Public International Law 4
CLCC 6014 Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System 4
  Choose Anyone 4
CLCC 6002 Health Laws  
CLCC 6003 Insurance Law  
CLCC 6004 Aviation, Air and Space Law  
CLCC 6005 Law relating to Human Rights  
CLCC 6006 Laws of Land Acquisition & Land Reforms  
CLCC 6007 Law relating to Women & Children  
  Hons 7 (Seminar / PBL) 4
  Seminar I (or PBL-Part I) (Hons 7) Cyber Law
  Seminar I (or PBL-Part I) (Hons 7) Intellectual Property Rights
  TOTAL 16





Subject Code Subject Credits
CLPP 6104 Moot Court Exercise and Internship 4
  Choose Anyone 4
CLCC 6008 Private International Law  
CLCC 6009 Competition Law  
CLCC 6010 Banking and Negotiable Instruments Law  
CLCC 6011 International Economic Law  
CLCC 6012 Wildlife Protection & Animal Rights  
CLCC 6013 Humanitarian & Refugee Law  
  Hons 8 (Seminar / PBL) 4
  Seminar II (or PBL - Part II) (Hons 8) Cyber Law
  Seminar II (or PBL - Part II) (Hons 8) Intellectual Property Rights
TOTAL   12


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