Duration of Program 3 years (6 Semesters)


Seats 50*

*Total Seats in BBA (Oil and Gas Marketing)

This is a domain-specific program that provides students with an understanding of the dynamic business environment of the oil and gas industry. The course allows students to integrate the core marketing concepts with the management concepts of the oil and gas operations sector.

The subjects are taught by highly experienced instructors, supplemented by regular interactions from industry and academia leaders. ​

Academic Framework

The foundation of higher learning at UPES since its inception has been to explore and promote areas of learning that are innovative and future focused. This has led to constant evolution in facilitating creative and collaborative learning engagements for students through realignment of curriculum and exploration of virtual tools, and open-source courseware; thereby creating borderless learning and access to limitless information.

The new curriculum framework at UPES, ABLE (Academic Blueprint for Learning Excellence) is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. The learning is segmented into core subject studies, core specialism studies, minors/exploratory subjects, and signature and life skills learning. The latter three are offered by the newly-instituted School for Life.

SFL (School for Life) is an intrinsic part of the composite UPES student experience and facilitates learning and education that is a balance between what students want, and what is needed of them as future global citizens and leaders of tomorrow. With courses designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills, a focus on a wide range of contemporary issues, and a mandatory social and professional internship experience that is unique, UPES believes in igniting to inspire the best version within an individual to better the world.

  • Strategy, Energy - Oil and Gas Manager
  • Engineer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Associate Consultant
  • Business Head
Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII
Entrance Exam : (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT’2


The schedule for UPESMET-UG:

Name of the Program Mode of Test  Date of Test Duration Last Date to Apply

BBA & Integrated (BBA-MBA)

Online 15th - 17th April 2022 1.5 hours 12th April 2022


Non-Examination Pathway:

BBA & Integrated (BBA) - (MBA) Admissions through National Level Tests



Course Credits %
Major Foundation 47 34%
Major Core 33 24%
Specialization 6 4%
Life Skills 12 9%
Signature 15 11%
Minors/Exploratory 15 11%
Internships and Industrial Visit 3 2%
Dissertation 6 4%
Total 137 100%
SFLI Total 36 26%




Subject Code Subject Credits
GMHR 1201 Introduction to Management & Leadership  3
ECON 1001 Business Economics I 3
DSQT 1001 Business Mathematics 3
FINC 1001 Business Accounting 3
HUMN 1001 Business Communication  3
HRES 2001 Organizational Behavior 3
OGOG 1001 Understanding Oil & Gas Business 3
SLICL01 Learning How to learn 2
SLICL02 Living Conversations 2
  TOTAL 25





Subject Code Subject Credits
HRES 3001 Human Resource Management 3
ECON 1006 Business Economics II 3
FINC 1002 Financial Management 3
MKTG 2001 Marketing Management 3
OGOG 1003 Oil/Gas Sales & Distribution 3
OGOG 1002 Oil / Gas Storage & Transportation 3
OGOG 1010 Energy Sector Structure & Functioning 3
SLICS01 Critical Thinking and Writing 3
SLICL03 Leadership and Teamwork 2
  Minors/Exploratory 3
  TOTAL 29




Subject Code Subject Credits
DSRM 2001 Research Methodology & Report Writing 3
MKTG 3001 Customer Relationship Management 3
LSCM 2002 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3
OGOG 2001 Petroleum Retail Management & Development 3
OGOG 2010 Energy Sector Market Research 3
SLICL04 Design Thinking 2
SLICS02 Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century (Human Values and Ethics) 3
  Minors/Exploratory 3
  TOTAL 23




Subject Code Subject Credits
STGM 3002 Business Policy & Strategy 3
OGOG 2002 Lubricant Marketing 3
OGOG 2005 Gas Fundamentals & Marketing  3
  Specialization 1 3
INDT 2101 Industrial Visit 1
SLICS03 Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship 3
SLICL05 Working with Data 2
  Minors/Exploratory 3
  TOTAL 21




Subject Code Subject Credits
LSCM 3001 Project Management 3
OGOG 2004 Understanding New Energy Resources  3
OGOG 3001 Energy Product Pricing 3
SLICL06 Persuasive Presence 2
SLICS04 Start your Start-up 3
  Minors/Exploratory 3
DIST 3101 Dissertation I 2
SIIB 3101 Summer Internship  2
  Specialization 2 3
  TOTAL 24




Subject Code Subject Credits
GMHR 1301 Corporate Social Responsibility 2
OGET 8010 Energy Trade & Risk Management 3
DIST 3102 Dissertation II 4
  Signature- V (Choose from the basket) 3
  Minors/Exploratory 3
  TOTAL 15




OGOG 2014 Petronomics 3
OGOG 2012  Oil & Gas Business Operations 3





Life Skills Credits  
Learning how to learn 2 Life Skill I
Living Conversations 2 Life Skill II
Leadership and Teamwork 2 Life Skill III
Design Thinking 2 Life Skill  IV
Working With Data 2 Life Skill   V
Persuasive Presence 2 Life Skill   VI




  Signature Credits
SLIES01 Solving Complex Problems 3
SLIES02 Technologies of the Future 3
SLIES03 Future Casting 3
SLIES04 Managing Relationships and Being Happy 3


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