To facilitate the gap between industry and academia, towards the development of futuristic solutions that has feasibility and future prospects, School of Computer Science (SCS) of UPES proposes a Master of Technology by Research. To strengthen working professionals and upcoming research scholars with specific knowledge of the industry problems and assist to carry out investigations in a way to draft novel and efficient solutions that have both scientific and industrial viability. This program aims at the development of the students on core knowledge and greater potential to contribute to core research in the field of computer science and technology. Enabling potential students and industrial fellows to develop efficient solutions, for real-time problems through original research and creativity.
  1. Tech. By Res consists of three compulsory core modules and two elective modules along with considerable research work. The choice of the elective module will be at the discretion of the students based on their interest.


Core Modules:


Domain Specific Modules:


Supportive & Mandatory:


Laboratory & Research Work:




Course Work (Year-1)

*Research Work (Year-2)


15 + 8 + 0

12 + 17 + 20


Core Courses limited to 3

Domain Electives limited to 2

Supportive & Compulsory

Seminar & Synopsis

Progress & Review

Dissertation & Defense


*After successful achievement of coursework credits only, research work can be initiated


The program address competence in core area through effective instruction & hands-on by industry-supported faculty. The program enriches the industry acceptance of candidates and their interest in creative research by involving them in industry supportive research. The program also allows candidates to bring their current/experiencing problem aspects with clear objective and goal. This helps UPES deliver top quality graduates who are well equipped to follow either a corporate or research career. School of Computer Science offers a plethora of areas through the core, supportive and contemporary subjects to empower students with added skills. We also offer opportunities for global academic research experience which helps to build leadership & entrepreneurial aptitude, thus making our graduates more than engineers.