Duration of Program 2 years (4 Semesters)


Seats 30*

*Total Seats in MBA (Business Analytics)

Energy analytics is an interdisciplinary area applying techniques and methodologies of engineering management, economics, statistics, and electrical engineering to solve real-world analytical problems in the energy industry. The course covers major energy-related applications of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. It includes areas such as energy data analysis, load forecasting, price forecasting, renewable generation forecasting, energy trading and risk management, demand response and customer analytics, and utilities outage analytics.

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UPES’ curriculum framework is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. Along with the core subject, students have the option to choose from subject-focused specialisations. They are also allowed to choose minor/exploratory subject from other schools at UPES that are: School of Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Law, School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Design, School of Modern Media, and School of Liberal Studies.

Further, based on the multifaceted needs of the global workplace and evolving lifestyles, the curriculum offers Signature and Life-Skills courses through School for Life. To round off this learning experience, students are required to do mandatory internships in the social sector, government/public sector, and industry. The combinations available for students to pick and choose from are endless, ensuring both depth and width of knowledge.

  • Analysts
  • Operators
  • Planners
  • Managers
  • Minimum 50% marks in Classes X, XII and Graduation.
  • Graduation From a recognized University in any stream
Admissions through UPES Management Entrance Test (UPESMET)

Online Exam/National Level Exams followed by Personal Interview


Schedule for UPES Management Entrance Test (UPESMET):

Name of Program Mode of Test Date of Test Duration Last Date to Apply
MBA (All Streams) Online 14 June 2022 2 hrs 12 June 2022


Admissions are Open against vacant seats only.

UPES reserves the right to conduct further online/paper-pencil mode exams for admission to various MBA programs in addition to the date already announced.


Admissions through National Level Tests

Students having a minimum MAT /CMAT 2022 score of 70 Percentile will be exempted from UPES Management Entrance Test and will only be called for Group Discussion and Interview if qualified. Valid 50 percentile and the above score of CAT 2021/ XAT 2022 A score of minimum 400 or above for GMAT, a score of 120 and above in NMAT 2021 / 22 scores will also be accepted.

**Up to 30% of seats shall be filled through the National Level Tests category (CAT/MAT/XAT/NMAT). In case candidates for such seats are not available, UPES has the right to fill these seats through MBA (UPESMET).

Course Credits


Course Credits Percentage
Major Foundation 30 29%
Major Core 32 30%
Specialization  6 6%
Dissertation 6 6%
Life Skills 10 10%
Signature 9 9%
Minor/Exploratory 9 9%
Internships and Industry Visit 3 3%
Total 105 100%
SFLI Total 28 27%




Subject Code Subject Credits
HRES 7002   Management Principles and Organisational Behaviour 3
FINC 7010 Accounting for Managers  3
ECON 7006 Managerial Economics 3
MKTG 7001 Marketing Management  3
DSQT 7001 Quantitative Methods 3
HRES 7004 Business Communication  3
DSBA 7002 Data Environment 3
DSBA 7001 Business Modelling with Spreadsheets 3
SLICL01 Learning How to learn 2
SLICL02 Living Conversations 2
  TOTAL 28




Subject Code Subject Credits
HRES 7007 Human Resource Management  3
FINC 7019 Financial Management  3
DSRM 7002 Business Research Methods 3
DSQT 7002 Operations Research 3
DSBA 7004 Data Management 3
DSBA 7005 Business Analytics 3
DSBA 7006 Business Intelligence 3
  Specialization Paper I 3
SLICS01 Critical Thinking and Writing 3
INDT 7101 Industrial Visit 1
SLICL03 Leadership and Teamwork 2
  Minor/Exploratory I 3
  TOTAL 33




Subject Code Subject Credits
STGM 8001 Strategic Management  3
DSBA 8006 Supply Chain Analytics 3
DSBA 8002 Big Data Analytics 3
  Specialization Paper   II 3
SIIB 8101 Summer Internship  2
DIST 8101 Dissertation-I  2
SLICL04 Design Thinking 2
SLICS02 Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century (Human Values and Ethics) 3
  Minor/Exploratory II 3
  TOTAL 24
  Specialization 1  
  Energy Analytics  
DSBA 8007 Overview of Energy Analytics  
DSBA 8001 Data Visualization  




Subject Code Subject Credits
DSBA 8009 Social & Web Analytics 2
DSBA 8003 Predictive Modeling 3
DSBA 8004 Programming for Analytics 3
DIST 8102 Dissertation-II 4
SLICS03 Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship 3
SLICL05 Working with Data 2
  Minor/Exploratory III 3
  TOTAL 20


Specialization 1

DSBA 8007 Overview of Energy Analytics
DSBA 8001 Data Visualization

Life Skills


Life Skills Credits  
Learning how to learn 2 Life Skill I
Living Conversations 2 Life Skill II
 Leadership and Teamwork 2 Life Skill III
Design Thinking 2 Life Skill  IV
Working With Data 2 Life Skill   V




Signature Credits  
Critical Thinking and Writing 3 Signature 1
Ethical Leadership in the 21st Century (Human Values and Ethics) 3 Signature II
Environment and Sustainability - Himalaya Fellowship 3 Signature III

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