The online international learning platform Coursera allows UPES students to better prepare for the dynamic job landscape and equip themselves with skills required to thrive in the knowledge economy. UPES students can choose from over 3,900 + courses from 190 of the world’s most renowned universities and industry partners such as Google, IBM, BCG, Amazon Web Services etc.

Students will not only gain access to high impact technical courses like Data in Database, Linux Server Management and Security, Object Oriented Programming in Java, Service-Oriented Architecture, Software Development Processes and Methodologies but also to some of the most in-demand and popular courses on the platform like Blockchain Basics, Programming for Everybody and AI for Everyone. Besides these, there are specialized courses across disciplines like healthcare - Bacteria and Chronic Infections and business - Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management.

The engaging learning platform has over 1000+ Business courses, 700 courses on Technology, 380 Data Science courses, 100 Health, 780 Social Sciences, and 341 Arts & Humanities courses.

Coursera provides a transformative learning experience, through interactive sessions and its bite-sized self-paced modules, that empower development and ensures graduates are highly employable in an ever-changing world.

To pursue Coursera courses UPES students can contact the following faculty members for their respective schools:

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