Additional Technology Specializations

School of Engineering is initiating additional specialization programs in latest technologies, namely Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Self Driven Vehicle, Internet of Things, Data Analytics and Blockchain. A knowledge of these subjects is essential for today's engineer as the use of these technologies has become ubiquitous. 

All the students of School of Engineering, irrespective of their areas of specialization, will be able to undertake a minor degree in any of these topics along with their B.Tech degree program. This minor degree will allow our students to become more diverse and broaden their skill set, enabling them to adapt and contribute in an era marred by constant disruption, thereby improving their job prospects.

These courses are not mandatory, but open to all engineering students. Each specialization will have 5 courses of 3 credits each and a project spanned between 3rd and 7th semester. All the courses will be led by the faculty.

Diploma in Business Management along with B. Tech  

School of Engineering is initiating a Diploma in Business Management program for its Under Graduate students. This course would be undertaken by the interested students along with their B. Tech program and would provide the students with basic and fundamental skills of management. The proposed course would furnish the students with a global outlook and enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills, thus making them more holistic engineers. An understanding of the management principles and practices would also be useful for the student in terms of his employability as well as for further education.

The Diploma program is optional and will carry 30 credit points. A separate Diploma will be awarded to B. Tech students on completing the Business Management Course.

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