Major Highlights

The conference featured keynote speeches by experts such as L C Mangal on "Cognitive Radios for Military Applications," Prof. Vijayan K. Asari on "Advances in the AI Revolution: Demystifying Consciousness," and Prof. Panos Liatsis on "Machine Learning for Tactile Sensing in Robotics." Prof. Madan Gopal addressed "Artificial Intelligence Driver for Autonomous Vehicles in Uncertain Environments," and Dr. B K Murthy explored "Blockchain Technology: Strategy, Applications and Its use in Cross-Border Payments."

Significance: ICMLDE offered students invaluable learning experiences in emerging Machine Learning and Data Engineering topics. With global experts, the conference provided exposure to cutting-edge developments, allowing students to explore new concepts and expand their knowledge. Interacting with renowned experts facilitated learning, networking, and collaboration, enriching their understanding and fostering a dynamic learning environment. ICMLDE was instrumental in keeping students abreast of contemporary developments, providing insights crucial for their academic and professional growth in these evolving fields.

Further enriching the discourse, Prof. Anuj Srivastava discussed "Statistical Shape Analysis of Complex Natural Structures," and Dr. Syed A Chan Bukhari delved into "Trustworthy Knowledge Sharing in the Age of Generative AI" with a focus on socio-technical aspects. The conference program included 56 sessions covering Machine Learning Foundations, Machine Learning, and Data Engineering, Deep Learning, and Data Engineering, reflecting its significance as a major international event that brought together around 900 research scholars and academicians from various countries. Their research works, selected after rigorous review, contributed to the conference's success in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange in the fields of machine learning and data engineering.



Chief Guest Shri Arvind Kumar
Director General, 


Guest of Honour L C Mangal
Senior Scientist,


Sponsors of the Event

  • MeitY, Govt of India
  • IBM
  • SERB
  • Department of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India


Bidholi, Vivekananda Auditorium

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