“International Microorganisms Day” was celebrated at the School of Health Science and Technology (SoHST), UPES Dehradun, on September 21, 2023. This event aims to highlight the significance and marvel of the world of microorganisms and the promising research that continues to shape the future of Health Sciences. This event marks the beginning of an annual tradition, as we plan to celebrate UPES Microfest each year from now on. The event commenced with Saraswati Vandana lighting the lamp, symbolizing our collective commitment to nurture a brighter future for all. Following this, the cluster heads, Drs. Dhruv Kumar and Kuldeep Roy, and the dean of SOHST, Dr. Padma, each gave a brief speech to the audience, inspiring and enlightening them. After a short tea break, the audience witnessed a mesmerizing dance performance by students of second-year microbiology. Additionally, the SOHST music band gave an engaging performance, creating a symphony of music and emotion. Soon, a quiz competition was organized, which witnessed the participation of both the students and faculties of SOHST. Later on, Prof. V. Samuel Raj, Professor, Registrar, Dean Academic Affairs, and Director (C4D) at SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonipat, was the Guest of Honor for the day. He spoke about the newly discovered tuberculosis drugs. Due to the sporadic rise in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) problems around the world, TB has recently been deemed a health emergency. Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the organism that causes TB, has developed resistance to the first line of treatment, the second line of treatment, and the medications that are readily available to us. In order to combat the difficulties caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, it is necessary to identify critical targets and develop possible treatments.

A brief Q&A session followed, encouraging the guest of honor and the SOHST faculty members and students to interact in a learning atmosphere. After the third tea break of the day, Prof. V. Samuel Raj, Dr. Padma, and the cluster heads evaluated the student’s competition in various categories, including agar art, t-shirt painting, and models. Later on, a flash mob was organized outside the 11th block, where students delivered a delightful performance that engaged the crowds from all around the campus.

The event ended with Dr. Subhajit Basu extending a vote of thanks to Prof. V. Samuel Raj, Dr. Padma, the cluster heads, and all the participants who ensured smooth execution of the event. Finally, the winners of various competitions were announced and called to the stage to receive prizes. Micro-fest 2023 was a huge success that demonstrated the collective spirit of the entire department of microbiology at UPES.


Guests/ Speaker/ Visitor Details

1.Prof. V. Samuel RajProfessor, Registrar, Dean Academic Affairs, and Director (C4D)SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonipat

Management/ Faculties/ Staff from UPES

1.All Staff with Dean and Cluster Heads SoHST, UPES
2.Mr. Deepak NegiEA to DeanSoHST, UPES

Discussion/ Agenda points of Visit Schedule

The session was very interactive and comprehensive. Prof. delivered his talk on the following agendas-

  • New drug discovery program against drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • There is an urgent need for partnership between Academia and Industries to tackle the AMR
  • Drug discovery and development is a complex, high risk and potentially highly rewarding endeavor
  • Pharma companies literally burn cash to push through the arduous process, to the tune of $1 billion per drug
  • It takes about 10-15 years to develop one new drug from the time it is discovered to when it is available for treating patients
  • For every 5,000-10,000 compounds that enter the R&D pipeline, ultimately only one receives approval

The talk was very motivating and inspiring for the students. Finally, the event was concluded with brief question-answer session.

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