Pharmacists Day


World Pharmacists Day, celebrated every year on 25th September, is a significant occasion for pharmacists and the entire pharmaceutical community worldwide. It is a day to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions made by pharmacists to the healthcare industry and society at large.

Therefore, on the 25th of September 2023, World Pharmacists Day was celebrated at the School of Health Sciences and Technology, UPES, Dehradun under the theme “Pharmacists strengthening health system-Angdaan Mahadaan”. This year’s theme reflected our commitment to promote the importance of the organ donation which is a vital medical and ethical practice that saves lives, enhance the quality of life for recipients, support medical research, etc. The celebration of World Pharmacist Day 2023 was met with great enthusiasm among both the faculty and students at the university.


Guests/ Speaker/ Visitor Details

1.Dr. S. FarooqPresidentHimalaya Wellness Company, Dehradun
2.Dr. Raj K. BakshiPresidentRotary Club, Dehradun, and Former Director of ONGC

Management/ Faculties/ Staff from UPES

1.Sh. Manish MadanRegistrarUPES
2.Prof. PadmaDeanSoHST, UPES
3.Prof. KuldeepCluster Head (Pharma)SoHST, UPES
4.Prof. DhruvCluster Head (Allied Health)SoHST, UPES
5.All Faculties SoHST, UPES
6.Students(LIST ATT.)SoHST, UPES

Discussion/ Agenda points of Visit Schedule

  • The program started with a welcome note by Sh. Manish Madan, Registrar who highlighted the significance of organ donation and invaluable role of pharmacists. Subsequently, Prof. Padma Venkat, Dean, SoHST, UPES gave the opening remark to address the audience. Prof. Venkat highlighted the importance of pharmacists in community services, and encouraged students in continuing education for updating skills, competence & knowledge.
  • Dr. S. Farooq, Hon’ble President, Himalaya Wellness Company, Dehradun graced the occasion as the chief guest and addressed the students with emphasis on the role of pharmacists, importance of Ayurveda, on the way of living a life, and importance of the education in life. Dr. Raj K. Bakshi, President- Rotary Club, Dehradun, and Former Director of ONGC, also graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor addressed the students.
  • On this occasion, distinguished guests, Dean and Cluster Heads (Dr. Kuldeep Roy and Dr. Dhruv Kumar) released the book entitled “Oxides for Medical Applications” authored by Dr. Piyush Kumar, Assistant Professor, SoHST, UPES. This book from a publishing house Elsevier depicts the comprehensive coverage of various oxides materials with optical, magnetic and electronics properties for biomedical applications.
  • In commemoration of the day, a range of activities were held at the UPES campus. Students enthusiastically participated in quiz competitions with a focus on the theme “Organ Donation”. Students’ knowledge and awareness on organ/tissue/blood/stem cell donation has enlightened many in the audience. The debate cum panel discussion was organized on the topic “Next-Generation Healthcare System in India”. Through their dynamic performances and articulate arguments, participants shed light on the critical aspects of evolving healthcare in the country.
  • Students performed a skit centered on the theme of “Organ Donation”. With their creative storytelling and compelling performances, they effectively conveyed the importance of organ donation in saving lives and fostering a culture of giving. The students actively participated in rangoli, poster, and model, face painting competitions, focusing on a range of important topics related to the pharmaceutical field.
  • Moreover, the audience were sensitized on the importance of organ donation through these events. Stalls were set up by the OZONE team (student society of UPES) and Dhatri team (NGO working with stem cell donation) for spreading awareness and distribution of organ or stem cell donation pledge forms to the students, faculties, and staff.
  • All the prize winners in various competitions were announced and awarded with trophy and certificates. The program concluded with a vote of thanks and gratitude.

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