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International Conference & Workshop, Crust'20


The UPES AAPG Student Chapter conducted its International Conference & Workshop, Crust'20 from January 30 to Feb 1st. With the vision to improve industry-academia connect the fest was a great convention of ideas. We were fortunate to host Shri C. S. V. Sandilya, ONGC at the opening ceremony and Shri Sudhir Sharma, ONGC Videsh at the closing ceremony.


Over 100 participants from all across India, became a part of the fest along with our guest participants from UTP Malaysia. From flagship paper and poster presentations to  Case Study Challenge in collaboration with Schlumberger, Geo modelling contests, Oil based MUNs and aptitude contest alongside several non technical contests.


Crust'20 marked a truly beautiful ending, with a field trip to Maldevta under Dr R J Azmi’s supervision. In celebration of all milestones and achievements that came with Crust’20, the Gala Night was organized, where Shri Sankhdip Bhattacharya, AAPG YLP Head graced us with his presence.


All in all, Crust'20, UPES AAPG Student Chapter's platform for student growth and exposure was much more than that, a place where memories were made. We sincerely look forward to Crust’21!

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