E-talk with Rahul Narvekar

E-talk with Rahul Narvekar

Launchpad, The Entrepreneurship Vertical, School of Business conducted an informative E-talk with Rahul Narvekar. He is the founder CEO of The India Network, founder of Startup studio India and NDTV ethnic retail limited, CEO of Sun and Sands advisor co. Lmt. He pursued his owner president management program from Harvard Business school, and General Management Programme luxury from IIM Ahemdabad.

The event equipped the students with the much-required knowledge about the world of business and a passion for entrepreneurship. Rahul Narvekar in his effortless way spoke about his experience in the startup world. In the interactive session, he addressed important issues that students face when thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. He inspired the audience with his impeccable examples from the start-up world.

Some of the questions asked during the session were:

  1. How to get funding?
  2. How should one build a team?
  3. How to go from idea to execution?
  4. How to come up with a unique name?
  5. How to check the sustainability of an idea? Is it viable?
  6. What qualities does an investor seek in an idea or innovator?
  7. How to handle the competition?


Time: 12:00pm – 1:00 pm

Venue: School of Business Auditorium

Audience: BBA and MBA students

Chief guests: Rahul Navekar

Chair: Dr Rahul Nainwal, Director School of Business

Convener: School of Business