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Online 5 Day Faculty Development Programme On Life Skills

FDP on Life Skills

A Five-Day Faculty Development Program was organised from 12th to 16th October, 2020 at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun under the AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) academy, by Dr Pooja Gupta, Coordinator. The objective of the FDP was to highlight the importance of ‘Life Skills’ and how to cope with changing lifestyle and stress, especially in present era. The programme witnessed an enthusiastic participation of over 200 faculty members from renowned institutions across the country.

The keynote address for the FDP was delivered by the Vice Chancellor of UPES, Dr Sunil Rai, who emphasized on the idea that one should ‘always value life’ and quoted various references from the Bhagvad Gita and Upanishad. He also put forward the ‘Four pillars of education’ proposed by Mahatma Gandhi, namely, Physical, Literal, Vocational and Spiritual. Further, Key note speaker Professor Himanshu Rai (Director, IIM Indore) who accentuated the importance of having a vision in life and motivated the attendees to take the unprecedented pandemic as an opportunity to introspect, improvise and reflect on one’s own self. The programme invited various luminaries from a myriad of fields like Mr Avelo Roy, a successful entrepreneur and an avid orator shared his expertise on Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient and Spiritual Quotient, quoting references from the Vedas and the Bhagwad Gita. Distinguished Professor Ashok Mishra (IISC Bangalore) shared his views on the importance of critical thinking, imagination and proper work-life balance. Maa Gyan Suveera,a spiritual healer and life style counsellor motivated the attendees to know one’s own self and quoted that “one’s work must be aligned with one’s nature”. She emphasised on the importance of meditation which is the perfect way to align the mind, body and soul. Mr. Andrew Gibbons, a leadership coach from University of Oxford conducted an interactive session on good leadership skills and quoted that “Leaders are not born, but are made”. Dr William Selvamurthy (President, Amity Technology and Innovation Foundation) threw some light on how to cope with stress at workplace and motivated everyone with the famous quote that –“When it is dark, one should look out for stars”. Mr Sanjit Mishra from IIT Roorkee talked about the importance of human values and ethics which is an integral quotient of human life. Professor Rajkumar Pant (Department of Aerospace, IIT Bombay) motivated the audience on how to tackle uncertain situations in life. He also demonstrated a practical technique to handle anxiety and calm the mind. Dr Jyoti Gaur, Dean, Swami Vivekanand University shared her knowledge on the importance of EQ and techniques to enhance it. Professor Malabika Sen, writer and a motivational speaker talked about ‘Self-awareness and environment consciousness’ and also conducted a meditation session for rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. The last session were delivered by Mrs Prema Iyer, veteran, a motivational speaker and a lifestyle consultant and Brig. Dr Anil Sharma, Principal, Yogoda College, Ranchi University, talked about their vast life experiences and amalgamation of Indian culture and yogic traditions. The Five –Day FDP was a great learning experience for the participants, faculty members and successfully coordinated by Dr Pooja Gupta, Assistant Professor (SS) Department of Humanities. Especial thanks to Dr Ram Sharma Dean Academics, Dr Manisha Mohan, Dean School of Life, Dr Jitendra Kumar Pandey, Associate Dean R&D, Dr Kamal Bansal, Dean SoE, Dr. Shalini Vohra and Dr PLL Annapurna from Department of Humanities.


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