GEP Workshop

Workshop on Gross Environment Product

GEP workshop was hosted by UPES, HESCO, and USERC under the guidance of Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi and Vice-Chancellor of UPES, Dr. Sunil Rai. The workshop was an extension to the previous year’s G.E.P workshop which was held in Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun. Participants were mainly from NITI Aayog, NEERI, IIT Roorkee, HESCO, USERC, NIH, FRI, Planning Commission, and UPES. The chief guest for the workshop was Mr. Anand Vardhan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment, Uttarakhand. GoI.

After the welcome address by Dr. Mintu Pal, School of Health Science, Padma Bhushan Dr. Anil P. Joshi, HESCO, Dehradun explained the background and the concept of Gross Environment Product (GEP). He emphasized the importance of the valuation of the stock of environment product that a country owns.  While Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director of NEERI discussed the effectiveness of GEP as a tool to achieve inclusive and green growth.

Dr. Neelam Patel, Senior Advisor, NITI Ayog, mentioned that NITI Ayog would recommend GOI for the policy formation of GEP, and NITI Ayog would keep a close watch on Uttarakhand for the development of G.E.P and would also take it to the national level. Dr. Rajesh Naithani, Pro V.C. Himalayiya University reiterated the importance of G.E.P and said that the work on G.E.P development should be done on a priority level.

Chief Guest of the workshop Shri Anand Vardhan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Forest and Environment, GOI stressed that states need to give G.E.P. He said that after the PIL has been accepted the government has to respond for the formulation of G.E.P. He requested everyone to work on G.E.P formulation and requested that on World Environment Day 5th June 2021, the message of G.E.P should be spread across the World. He also requested the director of NEERI, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, and V.C. of UPES Dr. Sunil Rai to form a committee and work on a proposal for the development of G.E.P. This proposal would be sent to the GOI for evaluation.

Dr. Vinay Sharma, Professor from IIT Roorkee, stressed the fact that it is everyone’s responsibility to work on this and a multi-institute approach should be applied. Dr. Prasoom Dwivedi from the School of Business, UPES mentioned the importance of green energy and said that a factor should be included for the same.

Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi concluded the workshop by highlighting that UPES and NEERI would develop a joint proposal and said that both of these institutes would develop a sub-committee for the same.

Output of the Workshop

  • A joint collaboration between UPES and NEERI is being proposed to work on framework development of G.E.P.
  • UPES and NEERI would form a committee of members from both the institutions who would work on development of G.E.P index.
  • Sunil Rai, V.C. of UPES would form the committee from UPES front and would submit a joint research proposal along with NEERI to Government of Uttrakhand for G.E.P development.
  • 5th June, 2021(World Environment Day) is the date selected for producing the first draft of G.E.P framework and would be introduced for public interpretations.
  • Prominent leaders such as Honorable HRD minister Dr. Ramesh ‘Nishank’ Pokhriyal and Vice Chairman Mr. Rajeev Kumar, NITI Aayog would be approached for presenting their thoughts on G.E.P on World Environment Day.