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Project Management Workshop

Project Management Workshop

Program Background & Scope

 India is one of the fast growing and promising economy, aiming for an ambitious double-digit GDP growth rate. The fulfillment of this aspiration calls for rapid growth in the transportation, communication, housing, storage, energy and power infrastructure. The target growth in the infrastructure sector cannot be achieved merely by substantial funding but also requires the professional capabilities of the highest order, in several aspects of effective planning and efficient implementation of the projects. The workshop intends to make participants aware of the developments in project management practices globally focusing on developing countries like India. The issues and challenges faced in project execution in uncertain situations and under disruption period like COVID-19. The workshop will also divulge upon socio-economic-technical aspects critical for the project success.

Objective & Outcome

The learning outcomes for students from the workshop will be:

  • Experiences of latest practices for managing projects under disruptive environment
  • Upcoming techniques & skills required for managing risks in project execution
  • Knowledge of benchmarking exercises in project management

Medium & Time

The program will be conducted in online mode over zoom from 10 AM to 5 PM on 16 October 2020.

For whom?

The workshop is targeted for students of programs under Department of Transportation Management, viz. MBA (LSCM, AVM), BBA (LM, AVO), but is open to all students of School of Business.