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Advisory Board Meet, 2020

School of Law- Advisory Board Meet, 2020


UPES School of Law held it’s Adivory Board Member Meet on 27th of February at the Kandoli campus. The meet was graced by Mr. Bhushan G. Gokhale, Chief Counsel & Head of Public Affairs (India), Eaton, Justice Swatater Kumar, Former Chairperson - National Green Tribunal, Ms. Poonam Verma, Corporate Counsel, and Mr. Rajat Jariwal, Lawyer, Supreme Court of India. Mr. Anurag Batra, Chairman of BW Businessworld, and Mr. Rajendar Kumar, joined the meeting through zoom call.

Dr. V.K. Singh, Dean, School of Law welcomed the esteemed delegates, and invited them on the stage for a lively discussion on ‘the future of law students in the changing paradigms.


Justice Swatanter Kumar, begun his talk with an interesting analogy, he said ‘When I entered the hall you all gave me a standing ovation, no one told you to this but, your own instincts. Without your gut feeling and your own instincts if you are made to do something you will never succeed. You must follow- conviction, courage and faith during your career. Have faith in your faculties and infrastructure. He then advised, the young students, “The two other guests present with us have also reached the level of partners by their hard work. Two things you must never do is: Disrespect your parents and Disrespect your teachers. If you do not respect them, you will never be successful anywhere. Gandhiji was also a lawyer not a good one though as he always believed in amicable settlements. As per history, all the fist end politicians were lawyers- Gandhiji, Nehruji and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Gandhiji said that it is true I will lose my clients, my field, my judge, my other counsels but due to amicable settlements I will never lose my conscience. Similarly, law is a noble profession and if we follow our conscience money will follow us and not the other way around.”


Ms. Poonam Verma, discussed the gender ratio in the field of law and also, threw light on the challenge’s women face in this profession. She said, “When I started my career 16-17 years back, I started at the Delhi High Court which is by far the best High Court as the gender ratio was about 50-50. I am from a small town i.e., Meerut and there if we express an opinion in court or pose an argument, we are usually asked to send our senior or a male colleague to put forward the same point. But today since so many girls are taking an initiative, we must note that if we know our facts and even if we are not clear with our concepts of law, it does not matter that much. If we are clear with the facts its almost half the battle won. You need not worry if you are a girl or not. Further, talking about both girls and boys as one legal fraternity, it covers so many things today such environment has become such a major factor. I work in the power sector and this is a prestigious university as when we recruit from here, the students already have the requisite knowledge in the field of Energy Laws which is an edge for the students.”


Following her speak, Dr. V. K. Singh, welcomed Mr. Bhushan Gokhale to share his insights on the current career & placement trends in the industry. Mr. Gokhale, started his speak by encouraging the students to have faith in their chosen field & in their education. He asked them, to not study for the marks, but to study to understand and gain knowledge. Bhushan, also gave the students simple mantra for success:

  1. Explore your area of interest and understand what specialisation you would like to pursue in the future.
  2. Enhance your communication skills, take initiatives, have your own town hall meetings- present and participate in the same. Learn how to make your presentation and speech short and crisp.
  3. Spend your maximum time to utilise your facilities at your university as enhancing your reading now is very important

All these four parameters are very crucial for every student. He also mentioned that in his company’s recruitment process, marksheets are side-lined to the above-mentioned parameters. The competition these days in law has increased immensely. Actual and practical experience is very important.


Mr. Rajat Jariwal, addressed the crucial question of ‘Why should students take up litigation and importance of the same’.

He responded with a few points:

  1. Law tests you every day.
  2. Be on top of your game every single day.
  3. Make use of the internships as provided by the University.
  4. Take pride in being a lawyer and work hard.

The discussions were concluded with interactions between Advisory Members, Faculty, and Student.