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International Conference on SIDIA

International Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Innovations & Advances (SIDIA 2020)


An online two-day international conference on "SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT: INNOVATIONS AND ADVANCES" (SIDIA 2020) concluded successfully at UPES. The international conference was organized by the Department of Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) & Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, UPES on 17th and 18th August 2020. It was funded by Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology (UCOST) and UPES. The international conference was planned to be held face-to-face but owing to the current pandemic of COVID-19 the conference was conducted online. The Inaugural ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest Mr. M. P Jain, (Former Executive Director, QHSE Engineers India Limited) and Vice President –Indian Society of HSE Professionals, and Guest of Honour Er. G.J.S. Rosha, (Former Chief Engineer-Chandigarh Housing Board) and President – American Society of Civil Engineers, India Section, Northern Region. In his address the Chief Guest, Mr. M. P. Jain stressed upon the importance of sustainability from the perspective of the civil engineering and also stressed upon the importance of various codal provisions and frameworks needed to be established for engineering activities including planning and construction. The Guest of Honour, Er. G.J.S. Rosha highlighted 10 important top most significant issues to ensure sustainable development including Review of sustainability assessment tools, Mandatory review and appraisal of similar development projects undertaken over the past 30-50 years period with emphasis on the goals, Identification of risk factors and their mitigation measures and adoption of inclusive Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM) projects throughout the procurement, design, construction and maintenance and operation stages.


Dr. Nihal Anwar Siddiqui, Program Director, HSE & Civil Engineering Department, and Chairman – SIDIA 2020, welcomed the esteemed guests and participants to the conference and highlighted the importance of such a platform for sustainable growth in the future. He outline how the conference was organized in order to facilitate an open dialogue and discussion between the various stakeholders in civil engineering; namely industry, research & academics, government agencies and consultants to address future demands.  The end goal being the sustainable growth of the society at large considering the built environment and infrastructure utilizing the various technological and computational advancements developed currently. Apart from this, avenues for promoting collaborative research were also explored. Dr. Harshingar Patel, Associate Professor (Civil) Convenor-SIDIA2020 addressed the audience and provided a brief overview of the two-day international conference and key themes addressed during various sessions. The major themes of the conference on which papers were presented and discussed holistically to support the goals of sustainability were Conceptual planning, design, construction in Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Policy & Practices  and Disaster Management & Mitigation Strategies.


The first day of the 2-day conference offered a forum of academicians, researchers, entrepreneur, industry personnel, and government officials, who had collectively, addressed these issues by presenting and discussing the new methodologies adopted and research being conducted. The topics of innovations and advances for sustainable infrastructure development in civil engineering were explored. 


Some of the distinguished speakers who participated in the two day international conference were Mr. Nivesh Chaudhary, Director – Infrastructure and logistics, Ascela Infrastructure, Mr. Indranil Bose, Independent Consultant and PPP Exert with World Bank, ADB and Govt. of India on advisory issues. Mr. Ravi Gadepalli, consultant and bus-based urban transport expert with International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and World Bank and Prof. Anil Kumar Dhiman, Professor, Chandigarh College of Engineering and technology. Mr. Nivesh Chaudhary discussed Tapping the Potential of Regional Rail Transit System as a Tool for Innovative Freight Supply Chain Management, Mr. Indranil Bose highlighted importance of issues like value engineering, life cycle cost, technological advances in surveys and investigations, quality, resource efficiency and research and development, Mr. Ravi Gadepalli captured the many technical systems parameters and critical issues related with the perception of public transport users and governmental, and Prof. Anil Kumar Dhiman presented simulation based research work on Blast Loading on Structures: Effects, Mitigation & Fragility Analysis.


Dr. Syed M. Tauseef, Assistant Dean, Research, HoD, HSE & Civil Engineering and Organizing Secretary- SIDIA 2020 welcomed to the second day of the international conference and he recapitulated events of the first day sessions for the participants and the second day sessions commenced. Mr. Anand Kumar Singh, Co-Convenor - SIDIA 2020 moderated the two-day conference inaugural ceremony, key-note addresses and the technical sessions. He also delivered the vote of thanks to the audience by thanking the Chief Guest, Guest of Honour, Conference Chair, Organising Secretary, Convenor and participants for their esteemed presence during the two-day international conference SIDIA2020 and for making it a successful event. He also emphasized that the event owes its success to the organizing committee members, Dr. Vijay Raj, Mr. Mukesh Kumar Dubey, Mr. Vijaikishore Mopidevi, Mr. Susanta Kumar Sethy, Mr. Durga Prasad Panday and Mr. Rahul Silori, and all the faculty and staff members of the Department of Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) & Civil Engineering, and thanked them all for their continual and committed support.