UPES organises webinar with Univ of California

UPES organises webinar

UPES organises webinar with University of California, Berkeley


UPES recently organised an informative session with University of California. The session was moderated by Dr. Sheetal Khanka, Head, Department of International Affairs, UPES.

The panelists from UC Berkeley, Global, comprised Bhavya Kondapaneni - India Regional Manager, Mariam Rahimi - Admissions Advising Manager, Jill Vanderkar - Admissions/Recruitment Specialist, Global Outreach, and Audrey Foulk - Admissions Advisor. Students queries regarding application process, content, fees, credits were answered. For international students, the team from Berkeley discussed Berkeley Global Access Program and Professional certificates. Many students showed interest in joining the offered programs. 


UPES’ collaboration with Berkeley Global, the continuing education school of UC Berkeley, is a reinforcement of its commitment to offering students quality education through prestigious academic partnerships. This collaboration offers students the opportunities to study abroad and gain comprehensive global exposure, making them adept at tackling the demands of the future workplaces. 

UC Berkeley is one of the five top global public universities, with 24 per cent of its students coming from countries outside the US and having representation from 92 countries. A prestigious university, with 10 Nobel Prize winning faculty, 117 Olympic gold medal winners (students and alumni), 25 Turing Awards in Computing, 20 Oscars, and 14 Field Medals in Math.


UC Berkeley Global provides options of a semester to year-long programs to university students, fresh graduates and working professionals. UPES will continue to develop strong collaborations with universities across the globe to build opportunities for its students.