Come And Take Your Future A Degree Higher

The world around us is changing. Traditional ways of exploring a brand are being replaced with new, digitally-powered ones. Audiences today are not just tech-savvy, but also better informed.

At UPES, we recognise that our prospective students want more than just a one-way communication – they want an experience that feels both personal and authentic. This led us to create Experience Centres (ECs), immersive spaces that will create a sense of wonder and exploration in the visitors by giving them ownership over the experience.

The core idea behind the ECs is to establish a positive and interpersonal engagement with the visitors that leaves a lasting memory through a journey of engagement and better visualisation in an inspiring environment.  

Embodying the brand, the UPES Experience Centres are more than just a showcase for the university’s offerings. It’s a place where visitors can explore, discover and map out a vision for their future.

The ECs are inviting, engaging, and informative for the guests and there is seamless collaboration between the content, infrastructure, brand message, and technology.

Visitors are actively engaged by modeling the unique solutions on offer through multiple content-rich experiences. The ECs provide:

  • Opportunity to meet UPES Academic Experts
  • Experience the scenic campus through virtual reality
  • Interactive workshops for prospects, applicants and teachers

Come and experience it first-hand and be ready to be ‘wowed’!

Address Details:    
UPES Experience Center MPA 44, Shivam Residency      
Narcotics Road Mahaveer Nagar-1, Kota, Rajasthan

Experience Centre Manager

Contact Details: +91 79769-73292

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