Dr. Bhupendra Singh

Dr. Bhupendra Singh - Achievement

Sense3D technologies explores the opportunities of adding sensing capabilities to the 3D graphics applications.

The venture aims to leverages 3D graphics and XR technologies along with IoT to provide software and hardware solutions in the form of business applications for strategic planning, visualization and coordination and entertainment. 

The market of computer gaming market stood at 197Billion $ worldwide in 2022. Mobile gaming market in particular reached 3Billion $ in the same year. The market offers huge opportunities for various software and hardware solutions in various parts of its value chain. There are scopes of innovations in the controllers used for mobile games. The team is initially building next generation game controllers with natural interactions. The target is to reach mass market of mobile gaming in India and across the world.

Main objective: -

  • To launch next generation game controllers in the market for mobile gamers.
  • To provide cost effective 3D applications and solutions for 3D artists and application developers.
  • To be known for innovation in Indian and across the world in our segment.

Business aspirations can be explained as: -

Core Purpose: Enhancing gaming experience of the users with natural interactions.

Providing game controllers which help users navigate in the virtual 3D world and play games.

Value Propositions: Next generation mobile game controller.

The game controllers currently are not natural to use or interact to play the games.

Distribution Channels: - Existing Retailers / Online

The products are planned to be sold online as well as through the retail chains.

Key Resources: Chip Manufacturing outsourcing

The electronics component and the manufacturing must be outsourced outside.

Revenue Streams: - Unit Sale

Core Capabilities: - Innovation

Aspire to be known for the innovation and more importantly which suits the needs of the end 

Below is the link to see the working prototype: