Dr. Neelu Jyoti Ahuja

Dr. Neelu Jyoti Ahuja - Achievement

The proposed project focuses on addressing the issue of snakebites worldwide through the development of a novel snake-trapping device powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is an intra-disciplinary technological solution. This device is designed to automate the process of capturing and categorizing snakes and is complemented by artificial prey that simulates the characteristics of real prey. The key features of this study include the use of advanced technology and the potential to improve snakebite prevention and management efforts. The main highlights of the study are-

The proposed trap can capture snakes without causing any harm to the snake or requiring human intervention.

By reducing the death toll and medical illnesses caused by snakebites, the proposed research has the potential to increase safety for rural communities. 

The Science and Technology Innovation (STI) hubs will be established to provide knowledge about the basic functioning of the snake trap.