Dr. Rupendra Kumar Pachauri

Dr. Rupendra Kumar Pachauri - Achievement

Dr. Rupendra Kumar Pachauri visited the Energy Transition Department, School of Energy Resource and Development (SERD), Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, from July to September 2022 for research collaboration. Dr. Pachauri collaboratively worked on "Networked DC Micro-grids: Transactive Energy System." Networked DC microgrid Transactive Energy Systems make it possible to connect decentralized energy sources to the primary power grid. This can lessen the grid's reliance on fossil fuels while improving its efficiency and dependability. Secondly, microgrids can provide a level of resilience to the grid as they can operate independently during power outages or other disruptions. This can be particularly important in disaster-prone areas or critical infrastructure. The problems that arise from managing the conventional power grid can be alleviated, in part, by using "Transactive energy management." In addition, concerning future perspectives and demands for power, attention to various DC micro-grid models is under study for future views about the fair cost allocation of power players. In summary, networked micro-grid topologies play a crucial role in improving grid efficiency and dependability, ensuring continued service during blackouts, and fostering the widespread use of renewable energy sources, hence the overall reduction in carbon footprint globally.

The key research objective(s) of the collaborative project are:

  • Study on DC micro-grid hybrid power generation.
  • Transactive Energy Management for Networked DC Microgrids.