Mitali Madhumita

Mitali Madhumita - Achievement

Mitali published research paper on Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies: Ultrasonic Modulated Rice Bran Protein Concentrate and Its Effects​​.

Navratan Sharma, Mitali Madhumita, Yogesh Kumar, Pramod K Prabhakar (2023). Ultrasonic modulated rice bran protein concentrate: Induced effects on morphological, functional, rheological, and thermal characteristics, Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies.

This research paper revealed a detailed study on rice bran protein concentrate treated by ultrasonication with a detailed characterization. The treatment effect on the microstructure of the rice bran protein was investigated to elucidate the protein structure that enhances the functional properties. This article is very important for the food industry and for researchers to find methods capable of improving the functional properties of plant proteins.

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