Richa Chilana

Richa Chilana - Achievement

Richa Chilana is also the Co-editor of "Punching Up in Stand-Up Comedy: Speaking Truth to Power" (Published by Routledge, 2023). A remarkable achievement showcasing her dedication to amplifying marginalized voices and challenging norms through the art of comedy.  

Richa Chilana achieved a significant milestone as a co-editor of the acclaimed book "Punching Up in Stand-Up Comedy: Speaking Truth to Power," published by Routledge in 2023. Her remarkable accomplishment in contributing to this insightful work highlights her expertise and dedication to the world of comedy and social commentary. As a co-editor, Richa's role in curating content that challenges norms and amplifies marginalized voices exemplifies her commitment to speaking truth to power through the art of stand-up comedy. This publication solidifies her as a respected figure in the field, inspiring aspiring comedians and those advocating for social change.