Amit Kumar Sharma

Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Amit Kumar obtained his Ph.D. in microalgae biofuel production and storage stability. Before pursuing his Ph.D., he worked on various government-funded research projects related to Biodiesel production, diesel ethanol blending storage stability, and the development of a de-oiled cake-based floating drum-type biogas plant. Dr. Amit's research focus now lies in cutting-edge areas such as Algae biofuels, Biohydrogen production, Plastic waste management, and Biochar applications. His team is actively working on optimizing algal cultivation in sewage and greywater for bioenergy and biochemical production, contributing to renewable energy sources and wastewater treatment solutions. Additionally, they are dedicated to developing low-cost biochar composites for wastewater and soil treatment. The group is also exploring value-added production from pine wastes, a major cause of forest fires in Uttarakhand. Dr. Amit has an impressive research record with 75 publications, 947 citations, an h-index of 18, and an i-10 index of 25.

Work Experience

Dr. Amit has a total of 6 years of post-Ph.D. teaching and research experience. He worked for 3 years as a JRF under a DST project and 2 years as an SRF on a UCOST project. Since August 2022, he has been serving as an Assistant Professor at UPES. During his research projects, he gained substantial experience with instruments such as GC-FID, GC-TCD, and GC-MS. He also operated pilot plants like a 100 L capacity biodiesel plant, 85 m3 biogas plant, 50 L Photobioreactor, and 1000 L algal raceway ponds.

Research Interests

Dr. Amit's research interests include Algae biorefinery, converting waste plastics to Plasto-oil and Value-Added Products, Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification, Biochar Production and Applications, Biomass Briquetting, Wastewater and Soil Remediation, Hydrothermal Carbonization, Low-cost Biodiesel Production using eco-friendly catalysts, and Biogas and Biohydrogen production at lab and pilot scale. He is also involved in Bio lubricant synthesis.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Amit believes in using research-based teaching techniques and real-life examples to help students grasp the concepts effectively. He encourages active participation in scientific discussions, urging students to identify local problems and their solutions in everyday life. Believing in the importance of education in society, he advocates outcome-based learning through appropriate pedagogy. Dr. Amit fosters an open environment where students can freely express their viewpoints, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subjects and the ability to address unforeseen issues independently.

Courses Taught

Dr. Amit instructs graduate students in subjects like Fuel chemistry, Biofuels, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, Industrial Chemicals and Environment Labs. He also imparts knowledge on subjects like Alternative sources for transportation, Green fuels and their environmental impacts, Renewable energy technology, and Biomass conversion technologies to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Amit received a Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) under a DST-sponsored research project (2008-2011) and a Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) under a UCOST-sponsored research project for the years 2011-2013.

Scholarly Activities

Dr Amit has published more than 75 journal research and review papers on Microalgae Biofuels, Biomass Pyrolysis and Gasification, Fuel Performance and Emission Analysis, Biohydrogen, Plastic Wastes to Hydrocarbon Fuels, Natural Product Extraction and Catalyst Synthesis. In addition to this, he has published 8 book chapters and edited 2 books. He has also filed 6 Indian patents, out of which two were granted. He has participated in 16 national and international conferences. Additionally, he is also a reviewer of some reputed journals like Biofuels, Biomass conversion and Biorefinery, Fuel, Bioresource Technology and Applied Energy etc. H index-18 i-10 index-25 Professional Links- Google Scholar: Research Gate: