Anupam Bhandari

Dr. Anupam Bhandari

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Anupam Bhandari is a highly regarded and respected academician known for his collaborative and positive attitude. He actively participates in environmental campaigns, such as the Chipko Movement, Beej Bachao Andolan, and the Anti-Mining Movement, as a member of a group in Henvalghati, Tehri Garhwal. Dr. Bhandari is an expert in the field of ferrohydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, and mathematical modelling. His work aims to investigate ferrohydrodynamic flow while preserving the relevant physical phenomena and developing the theory of ferrohydrodynamics for the viscosity of ferrofluids.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Bhandari was pursuing his Ph.D. degree at NIT Kurukshetra. He received a full academic MHRD scholarship at NIT Kurukshetra and maintained outstanding performance throughout his Ph.D. studies.

Research Interests

Dr. Bhandari's primary research interest lies in Ferrohydrodynamics, which falls under the umbrella of fluid mechanics.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Bhandari's teaching objective is to encourage the development of a strong foundation of ideas and learning techniques to foster a positive thought process. He mentors students in critical thinking, evaluating evidence, constructing arguments, effective verbal and written communication, and using math to solve real-world problems. By developing these competencies, he aims to prepare students for a wide range of academic and professional challenges in the future.

Courses Taught

Dr. Bhandari has taught various courses, including Engineering Mathematics, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Group Theory, Numerical Analysis, and Multivariable Calculus.

Awards and Grants

In recognition of his excellent research in ferrofluids, Dr. Bhandari received a research award from the university. He also participated as a group leader in the National Children's Science Congress on behalf of Uttarakhand, where he presented his project "Traditional Seeds" at the national level, earning him a certificate from the Government of Uttarakhand.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Bhandari welcomed Dr. Tristan Partridge from the University of California, Santa Barbara (USA) as a visiting researcher at UPES for a joint study. He was invited by the Human Rights Law Network (HRLN), New Delhi, to speak on the Beej Bachao Andolan in 2008. Dr. Bhandari has voluntarily dedicated his time to educate foreign students about the Chipko Movement, Beej Bachao Movement, and other social movements and reforms in the Garhwal Himalayan regions. He co-authored an article with Dr. Tristan Partridge for a well-known magazine on the history and origins of the Chipko Movement. Additionally, he also co-authored two magazine pieces on the Chipko movement and environmental issues with Dr. Tristan Partridge from the University of California and Mr. Bharat Dogra, a freelance writer. Dr. Bhandari actively participated in the Aarakot-Askot foot march to collect traditional seeds of paddies in Uttarakhand. Furthermore, he delivered an invited lecture on "Advanced Computational Techniques in Science and Engineering" at NIT Uttarakhand.