Ashish Kumar Sharma

Dr. Ashish Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Ashish Kumar is known for his expertise in thermoelectric materials, instrumentation, and wide bandgap semiconductor devices. He holds a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. His research focuses on defects in semiconductors and ion-matter interactions, where he has made significant contributions. Dr. Kumar has developed new instrumentation and research facilities such as DLTS, versatile Seebeck coefficient, and 1/f noise measurement system. Dr. Kumar's current research endeavours revolve around all-printed thermoelectric generators and 2D materials, promising to revolutionize energy harvesting and conversion, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence and groundbreaking scientific innovation.

Work Experience

Dr. Ashish Kumar's remarkable professional journey is marked by extraordinary contributions to research and academia. Before joining UPES in 2021, he spearheaded groundbreaking investigations into all-printed thermoelectric generators as a revered SERB Research Scientist at the esteemed Inter University Accelerator Centre in New Delhi. Before that, he was a DST INSPIRE Faculty from August 2015 to September 2020, his pioneering research focused on the defect-assisted current transport mechanism in III-V semiconductors, unravelling profound insights with far-reaching implications for thermoelectric and energy applications. Dr. Kumar's previous engagement also includes his invaluable role as a Research Associate from May 2013 to August 2015, where he conducted seminal research under the esteemed guidance of Dr. D. Kanjilal, delving into the realm of defect evolution in wide bandgap semiconductors due to SHI irradiation. He was also associated with IIT Delhi as a Teaching Assistant where he was teaching and evaluating the course EP110 - Engineering Physics.

Research Interests

Dr. Ashish Kumar's research interests span a myriad of pivotal domains within the realm of physics. With a particular emphasis on thermoelectric materials and their diverse applications, his scholarly pursuits focus on unravelling the intricacies of transport properties and enhancing the thermoelectric performance of these cutting-edge materials (organic and inorganic), paving the way for sustainable and efficient energy conversion devices. Driven by his unwavering passion, Dr. Kumar also delves into the realm of 2D and wide bandgap semiconductor devices (Schottky diodes, Solar cells, photodetectors, van der Waal heterostructures), meticulously exploring their electrical properties and untapped potential across various domains. Furthermore, he explores the domain of defects in semiconductors, deciphering their characteristics and profound impact on material properties, ultimately enhancing the performance of electronic devices. Lastly, Dr. Kumar's scholarly investigations extend to ion-matter interactions, meticulously studying the effects of ion irradiation on the structural and electrical properties of materials, thereby advancing our understanding of this captivating phenomenon.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Ashish Kumar's pedagogical approach epitomizes a harmonious blend of erudition, interactivity, and intellectual growth. Rooted in a student-centred paradigm, he meticulously fosters an engaging and participatory learning environment, nurturing critical thinking and active involvement. By bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications, he imparts an enduring relevance to the subject matter, enabling students to grasp complex concepts with ease and apply them to real-world scenarios. Dr. Kumar's unwavering commitment to nurturing curiosity, encouraging critical thinking, and providing invaluable mentorship ensures that his students acquire a profound comprehension of physics while honing their problem-solving skills and embracing collaborative learning. His transformative teaching methodology empowers students to embark upon a path of lifelong learning, poised to meet the challenges of the dynamic field of physics.

Courses Taught

Dr. Ashish Kumar has taught a diverse range of courses at UPES. These include postgraduate courses such as Condensed Matter Physics, Fundamentals of Materials Science, Synthesis and Characterization Techniques for Materials, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, and Analog Electronics.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Ashish Kumar's noteworthy distinctions include the coveted SERB Research Scientist (SRS) award, the esteemed DST-ITS award, and the prestigious DST-INSPIRE Faculty award. These distinguished accolades serve as a testament to Dr. Kumar's unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence in his field. He was a participant in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in 2019, where selected young scientists engaged with Nobel Laureates, gaining insights into their groundbreaking research and experiences. In recognition of his outstanding merit, Dr. Kumar has also been the recipient of esteemed scholarships, including the National Eligibility Test for Junior Research Fellowship (NET/JRF) by UGC-CSIR, and successful performances in competitions like GATE by IITs, JEST by premier research institutions of India, and BARC (OCES-DGFS). He is currently running five funded projects worth crores on high-impact research. These coveted grants and scholarships have provided crucial support for his pioneering research endeavours, enabling him to push the boundaries of knowledge and make significant contributions to the field of physics.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Ashish Kumar's research prowess is evident through his prolific publication record in esteemed scientific journals, where he disseminates cutting-edge findings on thermoelectric materials, wide bandgap semiconductors, 2D materials, and ion-matter interactions. Dr. Kumar's publications not only contribute to the existing body of knowledge but also showcase his remarkable ability to articulate complex concepts with clarity and precision. In addition to this, he actively serves as a revered reviewer for esteemed scientific journals, diligently engaging in the peer-review process and ensuring the rigour and quality of published research. Furthermore, Dr. Kumar's commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange is evident through his organization of notable events such as the School on Characterizations of Materials and the International School on Ion Beam in Materials Science. By providing platforms for intellectual discourse and networking among researchers, these events facilitate meaningful collaborations and catalyze scientific advancements. Dr. Kumar's expertise is highly sought after, as he delivers invited talks at prestigious institutions and conferences, sharing his pioneering research findings and illuminating insights with the broader scientific community. Through these profound scholarly activities, Dr. Ashish Kumar leaves an indelible mark on the field of physics, championing the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and academic excellence.