Dr. Aditya Sharma

Dr. Aditya Sharma

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Aditya Sharma is known for his expertise in X-ray Spectro-Nano-scope and research for a wide variety of materials including; Magnetic Materials, Photo/Electro Catalyst, Luminescent Materials, Battery/SuperCapacitor Materials and Solar Cell devices.   

He has been associated, as a post-doctoral research fellow, in the Spectro-Nano-Scopy group at Pohang Accelerator (synchrotron) Laboratory (PAL), South Korea and also functioned as a Visiting Research Scientist in the X-ray division of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) South Korea. 

His current research endeavours revolve around revolutionizing energy harvesting and conversion through developing up-conversion persistent luminescent Nanomaterials, Photo/Electro Catalyst,  Battery/Super Capacitor Materials and Solar-Cell devices, showcasing his dedication to academic excellence and groundbreaking scientific innovation.

Work Experience

Significant contributions to research and academia mark his professional journey. Before joining UPES in 2023, he led the material’s research group at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad as Assistant Professor (Oct. 2018 to Nov. 2023), Associate head of the Physics department, & In-Charge of the University Instrumentation Centre. He was honoured with best faculty (research) award for his outstanding contribution to the R&D activities in the university by receiving 02 major research projects from the Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation and Technology (HSCSIT; DST-Haryana) of 18.25 Lakhs (as PI) and 11.95 Lakhs (as Co-PI). 

During his Post Doctoral research at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL), (May 2013-Nov 2015) and Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), South Korea, (Nov 2015 to Sept. 2018), he worked for multi-mode research in various fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Nanotechnology such as; Photo-catalyst drove degradation of water pollutants, Magnetism in ion- implanted thin films, white light emission study from functionalized photoluminescence materials, Fuel-Cell development for H2 evolution, Anti-bacterial activity of GO/rGO, development of Artificial -Bone grafts and fabrication of Solar-cells.

During his PhD degree research, he played an invaluable role as a junior and senior research fellow, under the IUAC, New Delhi-sponsored project (2007-2010), where he conducted seminal research under the esteemed guidance of Dr. K.D. Verma and Dr. Ravi Kumar, delved into the realm of defect evolution in wide band-gap semiconductors (SnO2, CeO2, ZrO2,, ZnO etc.) due to SHI irradiation and Ion-implantation and investigated their application in Gas-sensing.

Research Interests

His research interests, within the domain of condensed matter Physics, span to the development of multifunctional and energy materials.  With a particular emphasis on the development of energy harvesting and energy conversion devices/materials which include, up-conversion long persistent luminescence materials, Na ion battery/Supercapacitor electrodes, and Solar cells. 

Investigation of local electronic structure and establishing correlation with crystal structure and applications of nano-dimensional materials, using the X-ray spectroscopy techniques (NEXAFS, EXAFS, XPS, X-PDF etc.) is also within the domains of his research. 

His research investigations extend to Swift-heavy-ion and ion-implantation, particularly studying the effects of ion-irradiation on the structural, optical, magnetic and electrical properties of various oxide materials (HfO2, SrVO3, SnO2, CuO, Cu2O etc.), thereby advancing understanding of the interesting phenomenon of ion-solid interaction.

Teaching Philosophy

"In learning, one will teach, and in teaching, one will learn," states the belief of the individual. He perceives teaching as the art of conveying knowledge, offering their perspective on the topic with clarity and a well-defined understanding. Creating an inclusive class environment is their foremost objective, aiming to establish a friendly atmosphere conducive to open communication and discussion. He emphasizes practical knowledge and real-life examples to make a lasting impression on students' minds, and for theoretical topics, they prefer to draw from the works of multiple authors. Their primary goal as a teacher is not merely to impart bookish knowledge but to develop students' critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. He emphasizes the importance of research and science, instilling in students a sense of responsibility towards society. This philosophy guides their approach to teaching and research.

Courses Taught

He has taught a diverse range of courses during his academic career. These include undergraduate and post-graduate courses such as; Basic Electronics, Engineering Physics (T/P), Modern Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Synthesis and Characterization Techniques, etc.

Awards and Grants

He was awarded two major research projects from the Haryana State Council for Science, Innovation and Technology (HSCSIT; DST-Haryana) of 18.25 Lakhs (as PI) and 11.95 Lakhs (as Co-PI) focusing on the development of perovskite material’s based Solar cell devices. He was awarded a Post-Doctoral research fellowship from PAL & KIST, South Korea. During his PhD research, he was awarded JRF and SRF fellowships from IUAC, New Delhi. Recently, he has also been granted international travel grants from KIST & PAL, South Korea for establishing collaboration and performing research experiments in Korean research laboratories.

Scholarly Activities

 He holds an esteemed lifetime membership from the Materials Research Society of India. With a prolific research background, he has published 65 articles and 05 book chapters in SCI/SCOPUS journals/Books. Furthermore, Dr. Aditya actively engages in the role of Guest Editor in a couple of international journals. He has organized several International/National Conferences/workshops/schools for knowledge exchange among distinguished scientists and young students. 

His contributions have been valuable in sharing expertise and promoting scientific understanding among research scholars and faculty members from various institutes. Dr. Aditya Sharma’s expertise, dedication, and passion continue to inspire the academic community and advance the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.