Dr. Ashish Mathur

Dr. Ashish Mathur


Profile Summary

Professor Ashish Mathur is an accomplished researcher, innovator, and visionary leader known for his unwavering commitment to technological advancement and healthcare innovation. With a profound sense of innovation consciousness, Dr. Mathur has consistently demonstrated pioneering abilities throughout his career. Notably, he has led groundbreaking projects, including the development of advanced biosensors for early cardiac risk detection and the creation of affordable healthcare solutions such as a low-cost smart bandage with integrated sensors. His achievements exemplify a fusion of cutting-edge technology and compassionate healthcare solutions. Recognized with prestigious awards, including the DST-UKIERI and INSA Young Scientist Fellowship, Dr. Mathur continues to drive transformative research, embodying a business philosophy that emphasizes the societal impact of innovative technologies. His visionary leadership positions him at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements, contributing significantly to the fields of nanotechnology and sensor development.

Work Experience

Dr. Ashish Mathur is an accomplished researcher, academician, and co-founder of Neanic Solutions Pvt Ltd. With extensive experience as a Professor at UPES University, he has risen from Associate Professor since 2020. Previously, he served as an Assistant Professor at Amity University from 2013. Dr. Mathur's influential career spans research, academic leadership, and co-founding Neanic Solutions, showcasing his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering innovative technological solutions in both academic and entrepreneurial realms.

Research Interests

Dr. Ashish Mathur's research interests lie at the intersection of nanotechnology and sensor development. His pioneering work focuses on creating innovative solutions for societal challenges, including women's safety, drug abuse detection, environmental issues, and affordable healthcare. Driven by a commitment to transformative research, he explores the applications of nanotechnology in developing advanced biosensors, point-of-care devices, and sustainable healthcare solutions.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Ashish Mathur’s teaching philosophy centers on fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. By integrating real-world applications and practical experiences, he empowers students to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge. Driven by a passion for instilling a curiosity-driven approach, he encourages active participation, collaboration, and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Through mentorship and cultivating a spirit of inquiry, Dr. Mathur aims to inspire a new generation of innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Courses Taught

Dr. Ashish Mathur, a seasoned academician, has delivered impactful courses at UPES University, spanning subjects such as Nanotechnology, Sensor Development, Advanced Materials, Research Methodology, Research Ethics for PhD students, and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). His teaching philosophy revolves around creating dynamic learning environments, integrating real-world applications, and nurturing critical thinking. Specialized modules on Biosensors, Microfluidics, and Nanomaterials provide students with a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, Dr. Mathur ensures aspiring researchers under his guidance develop essential skills in experimental design, data analysis, ethical considerations, and intellectual property protection, cultivating a holistic approach to research education.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Ashish Mathur is a distinguished researcher, awarded the DST-UKIERI Award, INSA Young Scientist Fellowship, and the Careers 360 Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions to science and academia. His groundbreaking research has garnered substantial funding exceeding INR 3.5 crores from national and international agencies. These accolades, coupled with his leadership in nanotechnology and sensor development, underscore Dr. Mathur's commitment to advancing knowledge and making a significant impact on societal well-being through innovative research and education.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Ashish Mathur's scholarly activities are marked by prolific contributions to cutting-edge research and impactful academic engagement. With an H-index of 24 and over 2000 citations, his 120+ published research papers in high-impact journals, including Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Scientific Reports, and IEEE Sensors, reflect the depth and influence of his work. Noteworthy are his achievements in developing 26 Indian patents and one international patent, emphasizing his commitment to technological innovation. Dr. Mathur's extensive participation in more than 114 national and international conferences, seminars, and workshops, along with 23 invited talks, showcases his dedication to knowledge dissemination and collaborative research. His collaborations with prestigious institutions globally, including IIT Delhi/Mumbai/Mandi, Cambridge University, and Ulster University, attest to the international recognition and impact of his scholarly endeavors. Through technology transfer initiatives and securing external funding, Dr. Mathur actively contributes to bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications, ensuring that his scholarly activities have a tangible impact on industry and society.