Dr KSR Murthy

Dr. KSR Murthy

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. K.S.R. Murthy is a renowned expert in nanomaterial synthesis and the removal of organics and inorganics using adsorption. His influential and prize-winning research revolves around pH-responsive luminescence sensing, photo-redox catalysis, photodynamic applications of ruthenium (II) photosensitizers, and the design and development of instant linear gel for coal bed methane gas operations. He has also contributed to eco-friendly linear gels for oil well recovery through efficient hydro-fracturing. Dr. Murthy's research has explored the influence of doping on nanoparticle properties and the removal of heavy metals from industrial effluents using low-cost adsorbents. He actively participates in conferences and has presented his research findings at international and national events. Dr. Murthy has also authored textbooks and book chapters on environmental resource management and low-cost adsorbents.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES, Dr. Murthy amassed nearly 10 years of teaching experience at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in National and International Universities. He served as an assistant professor at Hawassa University, Ethiopia, teaching analytical chemistry courses and guiding students' projects. He was also involved in curriculum preparation in the field of chemistry and environment. At UPES, Dr. Murthy has successfully guided several BTech, MTech, and PhD students.

Research Interests

Dr. Murthy's research interests encompass pH-responsive luminescence sensing, photoredox catalysis, and photodynamic applications of ruthenium (II) photosensitizers. Additionally, he is dedicated to the design and development of instant linear gel for coal bed methane gas operations, eco-friendly linear gel for oil well recovery through efficient hydro-fracturing, and the influence of Al and Al-Cu dual doping on the properties of ZnO nanoparticles. Furthermore, his research includes the removal of Copper and Cadmium from industrial effluents using mixed adsorbents in batch studies, and isothermal and linear regression modeling of Cu (II) and Fe (II) using orange peel as an adsorbent in batch studies.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Murthy's teaching philosophy centres on creating a conducive climate for student learning. He prioritizes a student-centered approach, emphasizing active learning and student engagement. Driven by his research experiences, he incorporates real-world examples and applications into his teaching, establishing connections between theoretical concepts and practical applications. Dr. Murthy encourages students to participate, ask questions, and think critically, fostering an inclusive and interactive classroom environment.

Courses Taught

At UPES, Dr. Murthy has taught major chemistry courses for BTech students, Principles of Analytical Chemistry, and instrumental methods of Analysis for Chemistry major students of BSc and MSc. He also serves as a guide for their dissertations and motivates students to prepare working models and present them in national and international conferences.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Murthy received the Association of Commonwealth Universities scholarship for pursuing his MS in the UK. He has also secured several grants for conducting research at UPES under schemes like RISE, SODH, etc. Additionally, he received R&D awards from UPES during 2014 to 2017 for his research work.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Murthy has been involved in leading collaborative research with colleagues in various subjects mentioned above. He has also mentored numerous PhD scholars in their research endeavors. Active participation in national and international conferences has facilitated new professional connections and enriched his understanding of the latest developments in his field, fostering innovation and critical thinking.