Dr Sapna Jain

Dr. Sapna Jain

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Sapna Jain is an eminent scholar with an impressive publication record. She has published various research papers in renowned national and international journals. Her expertise lies in two patents concerning the application of a synergistic combination of synthetic and natural products as an antifungal agent. Dr. Jain has earned her Ph.D. in 'Synthesis of novel bioactive compounds' from Delhi University.

Work Experience

Dr. Jain comes with extensive teaching experience and has been associated with UPES since 2015 in various capacities. Prior to that, she was with ABES, Ghaziabad. This is her second stint with UPES. She joined the university right after her doctorate.

Research Interests

Dr. Jain's research interests encompass Organic Synthesis, Nanomaterials, Sustainable Environment, Energy, and Antimicrobial Activity.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Jain devises a student-centred approach that accommodates diverse learning styles and encourages active participation. She believes in empowering learners with innovative learning techniques and material.

Courses Taught

Dr. Jain's teaching repertoire includes Organic Chemistry and Green Chemistry for M.Sc and B.Sc Chemistry students. She also imparts knowledge of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry to B.Pharm students, Process Chemistry to B.Tech students, and electives to B.Sc Geology students. She skillfully integrates her chemistry knowledge to cater to students from various fields, including chemistry graduates, undergraduates, engineering students, and pharma students.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Jain has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship by the University Grants Commission, India.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Jain has conducted extensive research on screening compounds against highly pathogenic and hospital-resistant bacteria, which cause nosocomial and other infections in human beings. In her capacity as a Co-PI, she successfully completed the "Women Technological Park" project, which was sanctioned by the Empowerment and Development (SEED) division of the Department of Science and Technology (DST).

Currently, Dr. Jain is actively involved in the project "Microalgae-mediated wastewater reclamation with bio-oil and biogas production: a sustainable approach," which is funded by DST, India. Additionally, she is engaged in efforts to enhance the productivity of biodiesel production using AI and is exploring the applications of ML and AI in the fields of agronomy and food production.