Mamta Latwal

Dr. Mamta Latwal

Assistant Professor-Selection Grade

Profile Summary

Dr. Mamta Latwal is a renowned expert in the fields of electrochemistry and nanomaterials. Her extensive research work focuses on nanomaterial preparation and its diverse applications as catalysts, sensors, and in membrane design for water treatment. Additionally, she has delved into sustainable technologies and natural product chemistry. Dr. Latwal's teaching excellence, methodologies, and research contributions have been widely recognized, further cementing her position as a leading figure in her field.

Work Experience

Dr. Latwal joined UPES post completing her doctorate. She has been actively involved in teaching, research, student experiences, and administrative duties. Dr. Latwal has guided students through various research projects and has played a valuable role as a team member in the university's accreditation committees.

Research Interests

Dr. Latwal's research interests encompass Nanomaterials, Sensors, Water Treatment, Sustainable Technologies, Natural Products, and Catalysis.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Latwal's teaching philosophy underscores that teaching is both an art and a responsibility. It goes beyond imparting knowledge; it involves creating an environment that nurtures a thirst for learning. Her approach focuses on enabling students to connect their learning to their everyday experiences, thereby promoting critical thinking.

Courses Taught

Dr. Latwal imparts knowledge in Physical Chemistry to undergraduate and postgraduate students. She has also conducted courses in Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry. For the past ten years, she has been teaching Engineering Chemistry to B.Tech. students from various specialization programs. Her courses on Industrial Chemicals and the Environment have been highly appreciated by students due to their relevance to industrial applications.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Latwal's remarkable research work earned her the Best Poster Presentation Award at a national conference. Her dedication to academic excellence was recognized as the Best Trainee in a Faculty Development Programme on Outcome-Based Education by trainers from NITTTR Bhopal. She received the Best Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence in the first Manthan event by UPES. Additionally, she also completed an internal research project involving undergraduate students in research.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Latwal has conducted research in various multidisciplinary areas related to sustainable development. Her findings have been published in reputed journals, and she has authored several books and book chapters. She actively engages with professional bodies like the National Magnetic Resonance Society and Indian Science Congress Association and focuses on research projects aimed at developing sustainable technologies to address environmental issues such as water purification and waste management.