Dr. Parswajit Kalita

Dr. Parswajit Kalita

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Parswajit Kalita is a distinguished expert in the field of ion irradiation-induced effects in materials. His extensive research primarily revolves around radiation damage tolerance and mechanical energy harvesting for the advancement of next-gen electronics and biomedical applications. His work addresses critical issues concerning damage in materials used in fission/fusion reactors and the need for power sources in battery-free self-powered devices.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES in 2020, Dr. Kalita successfully completed his PhD in Physics from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. During his academic journey, he also had the privilege of being a visiting PhD scholar at Universite Paris-Sud, France.

Research Interests

Dr. Kalita's research interests include Materials Science with a specific focus on radiation damage tolerance of materials relevant to fission/fusion applications. Additionally, he delves into the domain of mechanical energy harvesting through polymer-biowaste composites.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Kalita's teaching philosophy centres on adopting a 'project-based' and 'problem-based' approach to foster effective learning. He actively encourages students to identify real-world problems and subsequently develop solutions. In his view, problem-finding requires intellectual and imaginative vision, providing students with the opportunity to think critically, pose significant questions, and employ creative problem-solving techniques.

Courses Taught

At UPES, Dr. Kalita teaches Physics Theory and Lab courses to undergraduate students.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Kalita's exceptional contributions have been recognized with several prestigious awards and grants. Notably, he is currently involved in an ongoing funded research project by the DAE-BRNS, Government of India. Additionally, he is engaged in another ongoing funded research project by UGC-DAE CSR, Government of India. His accolades include the Graduate Student Award from the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in 2019, the Raman-Charpak Fellowship in 2017 awarded by CEFIPRA-Government of India & Government of France, and the Best Oral Presentation Award in 2018 by the Ion Beam Society of India & IBMEC.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Kalita has been actively supervising 2 PhD students. He also serves as a mentor to both undergraduate and postgraduate students for dissertations and theses. His commitment to scholarly pursuits is evident through his impactful contributions and mentorship in the academic realm.