Sandeep Dixit

Dr. Sandeep Dixit

Assistant Professor (Sel.)

Profile Summary

Dr. Sandeep Dixit is widely recognized as a leading expert in integral equations, with influential and prize-winning research focused on Singular Integral Equations, Operational Matrices, and Systems of Integral Equations. His work addresses various issues related to Radiative Transfer and the Oscillation of a string, membrane, or axle.

Work Experience

Prior to joining UPES, Dr. Sandeep was an Assistant Professor at DIT University, Dehradun.

Research Interests

Dr. Sandeep's research interests encompass Singular Integral Equations, Operational Matrices, Bernstein Polynomials, and Wavelets.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Sandeep's teaching philosophy centres around creating a conducive climate that supports and encourages student learning. He devises elements of a “flipping-the-classroom” or “pedagogy-first” approach where learning materials are introduced before class, allowing in-class time to be dedicated to exploration, practical application, and evaluation, solving real-life problems to facilitate students' transition from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

Dr. Sandeep teaches various courses, including Engineering Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, and several graduation courses such as Linear Algebra, Metric Space, Analytical Geometry, and Analysis. Additionally, he has taught Basic Mathematics in Management and Law schools.

Awards and Grants

During his Ph.D. (2008 – 2011), Dr. Sandeep received the JRF-SRF fellowship from DST-CIMS BHU.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Sandeep has supervised one student who completed her Ph.D. under his guidance from 2017 to 2022. Recently, he delivered an invited talk at the international conference AMICS 2022 in December 2022.