Sanjiv Subba

Sanjiv Subba

Profile Summary

He specializes in Ring Theory and has published several research articles. His work includes exploring generalizations of semicommutative rings through ring endomorphisms, Armendariz conditions, the decomposition of ring elements like (clean decomposition and nil clean decomposition) etc. Additionally, he investigates the extension of domains using nilpotent elements and Jacobson radicals. He is passionate about extending the insights from his research into other areas of mathematics, such as coding theory and cryptography.  

In his leisure time, he enjoys reading books on philosophy, science, novels that address social issues etc.

Work Experience

Prior to Joining UPES, he has experience of working as an Assistant Professor in Sikkim Government Science College Chakung, West Sikkim, where he taught undergraduate courses to BSc. (Hons) students.

Research Interests

Sanjiv Subba is interested in both commutative and non-commutative ring theory. He also has a passion for working in cryptography and coding theory.

Teaching Philosophy

He believes teaching mathematics is a powerful tool for cultivating curious minds capable of uncovering hidden truths with profound social implications. As a university educator, he emphasizes instilling an understanding of basic sciences and their practical applications. By nurturing curiosity and guiding exploration of mathematics and science, teachers empower students to contribute meaningfully to society. As society evolves, so does the need for new methods to tackle real-life problems. His philosophy emphasizes cultivating curiosity, connecting theory to practice, encouraging innovation, holistic development, and adapting to change, preparing students for future challenges.

Courses Taught

The following courses are taught by Sanjiv Subba: 

Before UPES 

  • Group Theory 
  • Ring Theory 
  • Calculus (BSc. Hons.) 
  • Analysis (BSc. Hons.)


  • Advanced Algera 
  • Discrete Mathematics

Awards and Grants

NET Qualified as Junior Research Fellowship conducted by CSIR – UGC (2019).

Scholarly Activities

Sanjiv Subba has published various articles in reputed international journals and has submitted several research papers for possible publication. He is actively engaged in scholarly activities, including presenting his work at conferences, writing research articles and seeking collaborations in areas where algebra has applications.