Dr. Ranjan Mishra

Dr. Ranjan Mishra


Profile Summary

Dr. Ranjan Mishra has 25 years of teaching, administrative, and research experience. He obtained his graduation, post-graduation, and doctoral degrees from premier universities and claims to have teaching and administrative experience from some leading universities in the country. Joining the ranks of distinguished educators, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching and research endeavours. With two textbooks, 40 research journals, and two PhD scholars under his mentorship, his contributions to academia are profound.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES in 2012, Dr. Ranjan Mishra worked at the ICFAI University, Dehradun, Mody University, Laxmangarh – Rajasthan, and the National Institute of Science and Technology, Berhampur, Orissa. He was associated with the International Centre for Radio Science and ISRO Jodhpur as a research intern. In his previous workplace, he was involved in teaching and administrative work and coordinated many positions.

Research Interests

Microstrip antenna | Cellular communication | Frequency-selective Surface.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Ranjan Mishra's teaching philosophy revolves around the extraordinary force of communication, feeling, association, and understanding. He believes that learning is best when students are genuinely engaged and feel connected to the subject and one another. He endeavours to establish a supportive learning environment in the class by inspiring curiosity, stressing the subject's importance, and fostering a deeper understanding of lifelong learning. The class environment encourages students to offer their viewpoints, facilitating a deeper connection with the material and knowledge.

Courses Taught

Dr. Ranjan Mishra teaches Analog and Digital Communication, Communication Systems, Satellite Communication, Wireless Communication, Data Communication and Networking, Cellular and Mobile Communication, Information theory and Coding, Microwave Engineering, Analog electronics, Antenna, and wave propagation in the undergraduate program. He is an active member of the course curriculum designing of the program.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Mishra received the academic excellence award twice at UPES in 2015 and 2022. He co-supervised a project from the Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology. Dr. Mishra has held several key administrative roles, currently serving as the program lead for the electrical cluster and holding positions as the program head and associate head of the Department of Electronics. Notably, he has been leading the placement internship coordination efforts since 2012 and has been the examination superintendent of the School of Engineering since 2018. His work ethos is firmly rooted in collaboration and a commitment to prioritize the welfare of students, the department, and the university.

Scholarly Activities

In addition to supervising multiple PhD students, Dr. Mishra boasts a prolific academic record, with over 50 Scopus-indexed publications and 10 SCI/SCIE indexed articles since obtaining his doctorate in 2016. He has also authored two textbooks and is a certified instructor for the university's Cisco networking course.