Dr. Yogesh C. Gupta

Dr. Yogesh C. Gupta

Industry Fellow

Profile Summary

Professor Yogesh holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-BHU and holds a master's in business administration and a PhD in Power Engineering. With over 31 years of diverse experience, he has contributed significantly to Sustainability, Decarbonization, ESG, EIA, and Operational Excellence. He has collaborated with Corporations, Industrial Associations (FICCI), Academia, and National Projects under the Ministry of Steel & Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Professor Yogesh actively engages in technology transfer from developed nations and has authored technical articles in Scopus-indexed journals. He conducted 50+ technical training sessions for capacity building, benefiting professionals from Corporate/PSUs/Government sectors. His expertise covers Energy Conservation in areas like Power Plant, Transmission & Distribution, Steel Re-Rolling Mills, and Mining. As a key instructor on behalf of BEE, he contributed to the Refresher Course for AEAs/CEAs/CEMs in India.

Work Experience

Professor Yogesh held diverse corporate positions, encompassing roles at FICCI, UNDP, and the Ministry of Steel. Notably, he contributed for three years to a GEF/UNDP-backed initiative aimed at enhancing Energy Efficiency in India's Steel Re-rolling mills (1800 units). During this tenure, he assumed additional responsibilities as Head of Capacity Building and Training, as well as Head of Information Technology.

He successfully executed a UNIDO-funded project, focusing on enhancing productivity for Pulp & Paper SMEs in UP/Uttarakhand through Energy Efficiency improvement and process technology gap assessment.

Furthermore, Professor Yogesh played a pivotal role in a UNDP/UNIDO Turkey project. This project entailed the development of "Detailed Energy Audit Methodology manuals & check sheets" for Turkey's textile sector, followed by training industry professionals (an initiative supported by the Republic of Turkey). He also presented sessions at the Istanbul energy engineering congress.

In the past three years, Professor Yogesh received invitations from CII to serve as a jury member for the National Energy Circle Competition and National Electrical Safety and Reliability Competition. As a certified Accredited Energy Auditor, he conducted diverse M&V audits and mandatory assessments for industrial sectors including Fertilizer, Iron & steel, Pulp & Paper, and Textile. His experience extends to conducting Energy Audits, EHS audits & QMS audits (ISO 14001, 18001 & 9001).

Research Interests

Energy Efficiency, Decarbonization, Climate change, Renewable Energy Technologies, and Electrical Engineering are the key areas of interest.

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Yogesh is a certified Virtual teacher from the University of California, Irvine, and has a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practices (PGCAP) in collaboration with the Dale Carnegie Institute of Excellence, USA. Hence, he prefers to apply world-class teaching & learning practices.

He creates an environment that supports and encourages student learning. He has incorporated some elements of "flipping the classroom" into his classes, such as pre-reading assignments, in which students read assigned sections of the textbook and/or other resources before coming to class, where they complete a short quiz. Quiz material is not repeated in class but instead is used as the foundation for in-class assignments that involve students working with real data and situations. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

Professor Yogesh has been a faculty member for courses in M.Tech-Energy System, M.Tech-Renewable Energy Engineering & M.A.-Energy Economics students, and B.Tech. – Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering. Some of those are Climate Change and Sustainability, Environment Impact Assessment, Sustainability Report Writing, Green Building, Process Energy Optimization, Renewable Energy Technology, Hydroelectric Power plants, Waste Heat Recovery & Co-generation, Project & Financial Management, Waste to Energy, Performance analysis of Electrical equipment, Performance analysis of Thermal equipment, Energy Audit and Management, Energy Regulations & Policies, and Basic Electrical Engineering.

Awards and Grants

Professor Yogesh is actively engaged in a range of multilateral and international initiatives, having successfully overseen numerous UNDP, UNIDO, and GIZ projects. Presently, he is at the helm of a GIZ-funded state government undertaking aimed at crafting the "Development of Multi-Sectoral Energy Action Plan (spanning the next 30 years) and Renewable Energy Pathway for Uttarakhand." Additionally, he holds the role of a third-party verifier for expansion endeavours undertaken by UJVNL (Uttarakhand State), further emphasizing his commitment to impactful energy projects.

Scholarly Activities

For the last three years, Professor Yogesh has been invited by CII to be a jury member for the National Energy Circle Competition and National Electrical Safety and Reliability Competition.

He is a regular Trainer for Refresher courses in AEA/CEA/CEM in India (under BEE). He provides capacity building & skills enhancement training & productivity Improvement tools under ZED training. He has also delivered training about EV and storage systems to officials of Tata Motors.