Dr. Surajit Mondal

Dr. Surajit Mondal

Assistant Professor-Senior Scale

Work Experience

Dr. Mondal joined UPES as a Junior Research Fellow in June 2015. He was promoted to Research Scientist in the R&D Department at UPES in February 2016. After a significant performance in the research field, he was promoted to Assistant Professor at the UPES in November 2020. Currently has been associated with the Electrical Cluster Department as an Assistant Professor-Senior Scale.

Research Interests

Optimization of Renewable energy like solar, wind, small hydro, Alternate Energy Sources, Biofuels, Waste Energy Conversions, Solar Thermal Technologies and their application, and Wireless Power Distribution.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr Mondal’s teaching philosophy is grounded in the understanding that it is his responsibility to create a climate that supports and encourages student learning. In his class, the main learning comes from knowledge sharing, group discussions, hands-on experiences and solving case studies. Doubt-clearing classes are also arranged from time to time based on students’ requirements. Using authentic problems helps students move from novice to expert thinking.

Courses Taught

He taught Solar Energy and its Application, Waste Heat Recovery and Cogeneration, Biomass Conversion Technologies, Energy Scenario and Energy Forms, Renewable Energy Technology & Cogeneration, Power Systems-I, Power Systems-II and Energy Management & Audits.

Awards and Grants

Dr Mondal is a DST Young Scientist awardee. He has received a fund of INR 33.67 Lakhs to execute a project on Rural Electrification. Dr Mondal has also worked as a core member of a DST-funded project of INR 42 Lakhs. Apart from that, Dr Mondal has more than 60+ patents against his name.

Scholarly Activities

Dr Mondal has engaged in multiple projects in the field of Wireless Power Transformation, Renewable Energy, Carbon Footprint Calculations, Application of Waste to Energy and Waste Management. His research scholars are working in the field of Solar Thermal Water Desalination systems, Hydrogen storage systems etc.