Dr. Nirlipta Priyadarshini Nayak

Dr. Nirlipta Priyadarshini Nayak

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Nirlipta P. Nayak is a dedicated professional in the field of Energy and Earth Sciences, utilizing her expertise and skills to foster continuous improvement and learning among students. Her research experience encompasses Carbon Storage, Clean Coal Technology, ore markets, and the development of strategies that drive students towards success. Currently, she is engaged in studying Carbon storage techniques in Basaltic formation, specifically investigating the potential of Basalt for Carbon Dioxide storage.

Work Experience

After completing her PhD, Dr. Nayak joined UPES as an Assistant Professor in 2015 and has been a part of the UPES family since then.

Research Interests

Dr. Nayak's research interests include Mineral Processing, Carbon Storage and utilization, Clean Coal Technology, and Mineral Economics.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Nayak's teaching philosophy revolves around encouraging, motivating, and facilitating learning for her students. She consistently prepares for her lessons, critically reflects on her teaching methods, and nurtures positive relationships with her students in a caring environment. As a creative and resourceful faculty member, she implements fun, exciting, and engaging activities to provide students with meaningful learning experiences. Her goal is to make learning enjoyable and captivating. Dr. Nayak believes in offering students creative assessment tasks that allow them to showcase their knowledge through work samples, verbal and physical expressions, and individual interactions.

Courses Taught

Primarily focusing on Earth Sciences, Dr. Nayak teaches core subjects such as Mineralogy, Mineral Exploration and Economics, Fossil fuels, and other related disciplines to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Additionally, she is actively involved in managing new lab facilities.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Nayak's scholarly activities primarily revolve around conducting research in her field of expertise. She has led multidisciplinary teams on collaborative projects related to Clean Coal and Biomass utilization. Additionally, she has published research articles in various esteemed journals and authored book chapters, showcasing her contributions to the academic community.