Dr. Pushpa Sharma 

Dr. Pushpa Sharma 

Distinguished Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Pushpa Sharma joined UPES in August 2013 as a Professor in the Department of Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences, UPES, Dehradun, and currently serves as a Distinguished Professor at Energy Cluster, UPES. With an extensive 38 years of experience, 28 of which were spent at ONGC as a Petro physicist and Reservoir Engineer, she possesses expertise in Reservoir Engineering, Modelling, and Simulation of conventional and Unconventional reservoirs, Reservoir characterization, and Development strategies for onshore, offshore, and marginal fields. At UPES, she has made significant contributions to research and teaching, focusing on Reservoir engineering, Petro physical engineering, Reservoir characterization, Reservoir simulation & modelling, Oil & Gas field development for conventional/Unconventional reservoirs, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks in EOR. She has an impressive publication record, including 1 book chapter and more than 55 Research Papers and Articles published in esteemed National and International Scopus, SCI, UGC and Non-Scopus, Periodicals Journals, Seminars, and Symposiums. Dr. Sharma has also served as a Task Force Member of Energy Biosciences, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, in 2017 and 2018, and as an External member of the Board of Studies (BOS) for B. Tech. Petroleum Engineering Program at Presidency University, Bengaluru, in the same period.

Work Experience

Dr. Pushpa Sharma has extensive 28 years with ONGC where she joined ONGC as a reservoir Engineer class-I Officer in May 1985, and her work primarily involved Petrophysical studies, Reservoir Characterization, AI & Artificial Neural Networks in EOR/IOR, Reservoir Modeling & Simulation of Conventional and Unconventional Reservoirs of onshore and offshore fields, and cluster development of marginal fields using Various Software (CMG, Petrel RE, Eclipse, FOREGAS, MBAL Softwares). Throughout her tenure at ONGC, she conducted various courses and delivered lectures on Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Core, PVT, EOR, and Reservoir Management to Senior Executives (E-1 to E-4) in GL-64 Course (February 2011) at IMD, ONGC Academy, Dehradun, as well as training programs for Graduate trainees and Summer Trainees of various Petroleum Universities.

Research Interests

Dr. Pushpa Sharma's research interests predominantly lie in Reservoir Modeling and Simulation, EOR/IOR, Artificial Intelligence for Enhancing Oil Recovery in low Salinity Reservoirs, Unconventional Methods (Shale Gas, tight gas, Coal Bed Methane, CO2 Sequestration, Gas Hydrate), Oil & Gas Field Development, Reservoir Characterization, Petro physical Studies, Reservoir Engineering, Nanotechnology Pipeline Corrosion, and Electrochemistry. Her guidance has led to two Ph.D. Degrees being awarded, and she currently supervises five PhD scholars, with three scholars already having presented their abstracts.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Sharma's teaching philosophy revolves around creating a healthy atmosphere in the classroom, focusing on subjects and issues important to the students, and understanding their experiences and perspectives related to the material being studied. She adopts innovative ideas to ensure students can comprehend complex topics systematically. Her teaching approach includes assignments, quizzes, tests, and live case studies to enhance student's knowledge, and she encourages teamwork among students.

Courses Taught

Dr. Sharma taught graduate and postgraduate courses to Petroleum Engineers on Reservoir Modelling & Simulation, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Reservoir Engineering Advanced Reservoir Engineering, Oil & Gas field development, and Reservoir modelling & simulation Labs (CMG & Petrel RE, Eclipse, PIPESIM and OFM Softwares).

Dr. Sharma also delivered Lectures on “Reservoir Engineering and Simulation” and Software Practice under BAPEX Program to Bangladesh Professionals (2014).  “Laboratory Analysis of Core and Well Cement” Course for the BAPEX team (2016), Well cementation and laboratory cement testing method Course to BAPEX and Petrobangla – a National Oil Company of Bangladesh) and Reservoir Engineering (Lab & Theory) and Reservoir Modeling and Simulation (Software & Theory) under a training program for Jazzman University, Afghanistan under USWDP (2018) at MDC Campus, UPES. Dehradun.

Awards and Grants

Throughout her career, Dr. Sharma has received numerous meritorious awards from ONGC for her outstanding contributions in Petro physical, IOR/EOR, Reservoir Modeling Simulation, and Reservoir Engineering studies. She was also honoured with the RAMACHAR award for Best Paper by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, in September 1982. Her dedication and expertise earned her Senior Research Fellowship and Post Doctoral Fellowship from CSIR New Delhi. Notably, she was awarded for her outstanding work at the International Conference on “Advances in the Field of Health, Safety, Fire, Environment, Allied Sciences, and Engineering (HSFEA 2016)."

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Sharma has been actively involved in reviewing and redesigning the B.Tech. Petroleum Engineering Program. She has guided PhD scholars and over 100 M. Tech. and B. Tech. Petroleum Engineering Students on various topics related to reservoir engineering and technology. She has published several papers and articles in prestigious national and international journals and conferences, often collaborating with her students. She is being invited as Ph. D. examiner to IIT Madras. Dr. Sharma has published various papers and articles with students in prestigious national and international journals and conferences. Additionally, she has also guided students for Petrel Ocean Plug-In Schlumberger Competitions (India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh). Students won the 2nd Prize (1 Lakhs) in 2013 & 2014 and for Theme: Oil and Gas Policy Framework of India-Cairn ACE (Amazing Champions of Energy) III Challenge, which was organized by Cairn India in UPES Campus. The Campus finals were organized for the Top 5 teams that were selected from all the entries from the University. Team Nuevo Emerged victorious winning a cash prize of Rs. One Lakh. Team Petrocrats (came second winning a cash prize of Rs. Fifty Thousand. Team Nuevo was selected to represent the university at the national finals.

Furthermore, Dr. Sharma actively participates in various curricular and co-curricular activities and serves as a Co-Faculty Advisor of the UPES SEG Student chapter. She also takes charge of coordinating major projects, summer internship projects, industrial visits, and the placement of graduating B. Tech. Petroleum Engineering students.