Dr. Rohit Sharma

Dr. Rohit Sharma

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Rohit Sharma earned his B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gujarat, and M.Tech from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad. He completed his PhD jointly in Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering from IIT (ISM), Dhanbad, and Curtin University, Australia, specializing in flow assurance of crude oils. Currently, Dr. Sharma serves as a Faculty Liaison at the UPES Society of Petroleum Engineers Student Chapter and has an impressive portfolio comprising several journal publications, conference publications and presentations, published patents, and book chapters.

Work Experience

Dr. Rohit Sharma currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at Energy Cluster. Before this, he served as an Assistant Professor in the Petroleum Engineering Department at Presidency University, Bengaluru, and NIMS University, Jaipur.

Research Interests

His research interests encompass flow assurance of crude oils, wax deposition, asphaltene deposition, gas hydrates, enhanced oil recovery, carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen transport & storage, as well as synthetic fuel development and Drilling Fluids.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Rohit Sharma believes in a two-way process of teaching, putting efforts into enhancing student engagement and participation in the classroom. He employs conventional teaching methods along with PowerPoint presentations, video lectures, and multimedia techniques to aid in better visualization and understanding of the subject matter.

Courses Taught

Dr. Sharma has taught various courses, including Advanced Reservoir Engineering, Advanced Production Engineering, Reservoir Surveillance and Management, Geomechanics, Drilling Fluid and Cementation Laboratory.

Awards and Grants

  1. Inder Mohan Thapar Foundation Research Award 2020 for outstanding research in Petroleum Engineering awarded jointly by IIT (ISM), Dhanbad and Karam Chand Thapar Group.
  2. First position in the Case Study Competition on Field Development Challenge by Schlumberger in the SPE Sub Regional Meet, 2014.
  3. Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2016) in Petroleum Engineering.
  4. Received research grant of Rs. 60,000/- under the scheme SHODH 2023 on the research proposal titled “Development of environment-friendly vegetable oil-based drilling fluids for shale formations” by UPES Dehradun.
  5. Received research grant of Rs. 60,000/- under the scheme SHODH 2023 on the research proposal titled “Development of a laboratory-based model for demonstration of wax deposition in storage tanks and the application of wax inhibitors in oil and gas industry” by UPES Dehradun.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Rohit Sharma has an extensive list of scholarly activities, including eight reputed peer-reviewed international journal articles, three full-length SPE conference article publications, fifteen international and national conference presentations, and two book chapters in his name. He has also published two Indian patents in the flow improvement of crude oils.