Dr. Seim Timung

Dr. Seim Timung

Assistant Professor (SS)

Profile Summary

Dr. Seim Timung is a dynamic and motivated faculty, with research interests spanning microfluidics for healthcare improvement, energy harvesting, nanomaterials synthesis, computational fluid dynamics, and biofuels. During his PhD, under the guidance of Dr. Dipankar Bandyopadhyay and Dr. Tapas Kumar Mandal at IIT Guwahati, they performed experiments and simulations on miniaturizing oil-water flow morphologies, studied electric field-induced droplet deformation in microfluidic channels, and developed a microfluidic solar energy harvester. His research works have been published in various peer-reviewed journals, including a US Patent. Dr. Seim Timung holds a Master of Technology degree in Petroleum Refinery Engineering from IIT Guwahati, where they developed a flow pattern indicator for gas-liquid flow using probabilistic neural networks. He possesses excellent communication skills and has been awarded the "Best Paper" at conferences. Currently, He is teaching chemical engineering subjects and has experience collaborating on projects such as droplet dewetting, water jet breakup under electric fields, and silver nanoparticle production. Dr. Seim Timung is confident in his abilities and believes he can make valuable contributions to society through their skills.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Dr. Seim Timung worked as a Guest Faculty at NIT Arunachal Pradesh, India, for two semesters. He has valuable work experience in experimental and computational studies on microfluidics and its applications. He has worked with various software such as Ansys Fluent, COMSOL Multiphysics, and MATLAB, resulting in publications in esteemed journals such as Applied Soft Computing Journal, Electrophoresis, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, RSC Advances, and Nanoscale Advances, alongside a US Patent. Currently, He teaches various chemical engineering subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students, covering mechanical operation, chemical technology, numerical methods, Heat Transfer, Python programming, and petroleum refining technology.

Research Interests

Dr. Seim Timung's research interests encompass microfluidics, simulation, experiments, neural networks, biofuel, energy harvesting, sensors, and nanoparticle studies.

Teaching Philosophy

His teaching philosophy revolves around creating an inclusive, student-centred environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning. He embraces active learning, encourages diverse perspectives, and prioritizes building positive relationships. By empowering students to be active participants in their education, Dr. Seim Timung aims to nurture their curiosity, promote independent thinking, and inspire a passion for continuous growth.

Courses Taught

Dr. Seim Timung has taught various subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students, covering mechanical operation, chemical technology, numerical methods, Heat Transfer, Python programming, and petroleum refining technology.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Seim Timung has been recognized for their contributions in various domains. In 2001 and 2003, he received the NCC 'A' and 'B' certificates, highlighting his participation and proficiency in the National Cadet Corps. Additionally, in 2014, he was honoured with the Best Paper Award at the International Conference on MEMS and Sensors held at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Furthermore, in 2021, he received the Best Innovative Paper award at the 2nd International Congress on Advances in Mechanical Engineering hosted by NIT Jalandhar, as well as the Best Paper Award at the Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering conference organized by the College of Engineering, Pune. These accolades signify Dr. Seim Timung's dedication to excellence and recognition of his research contributions in the respective fields.

Scholarly Activities

In his academic career, Dr. Seim Timung has engaged in diverse scholarly activities. He has taught theory and lab courses using online platforms, coordinated student activities, overseen specialized labs, guided student research projects, managed audit documentation, and facilitated online proctoring to maintain academic standards, showcasing his multifaceted dedication to enriching the learning environment.