Dr. Uday Bhan

Dr. Uday Bhan

Program Lead & Sr. Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Dr. Uday Bhan is a distinguished faculty member renowned for his expertise and significant contributions in the fields of Oil & Gas Exploration and Earth Sciences. With a strong focus on geochemical investigations, his research delves into the intricate aspects of proliferous basins, geochemistry, sedimentology, and petroleum geology, with an emphasis on the exploration and production of natural resources. Dr. Bhan's research is instrumental in tackling various critical issues within the geoscientific problems related to oil & gas, groundwater chemistry domains. By addressing these challenges, he actively contributes to the effective management of geo-resources, while also providing real-time problem analysis and proposing appropriate remedies. With a deep commitment to advancing knowledge and resolving complex problems. Dr. Uday Bhan is a highly regarded faculty member. His profound expertise in oil and gas exploration, as well as his comprehensive understanding of Earth sciences, make him an invaluable asset in the academic community.

Work Experience

Dr. Uday Bhan possesses over 12 years of extensive teaching and research experience. Currently, he serves as a Senior Associate Professor and Program Lead within the Energy Cluster. Dr. Bhan's completed his Bachelor of Science degree (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) and a Master of Science degree in Applied Geology from the University of Allahabad, Master of Technology in Petroleum Exploration from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad and Ph.D. in Petroleum Geology from UPES, Dehradun, in collaboration with BSIP (Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences), Lucknow. Throughout his career, Dr. Bhan has been instrumental in spearheading numerous Initiatives aimed at enhancing program quality and academic rigor. He has implemented geological field excursions, designed curricula that connect studies with societal impacts, and revised and improved educational programs. Additionally, Dr. Bhan has played a pivotal role in collaboration between industry professionals and academia. He has actively promoted holistic development among students by imparting and addressing valuable knowledge real-world challenges and complex problems. Dr. Uday Bhan continues to make significant contributions to the Energy Cluster and the overall educational landscape at UPES.

Research Interests

He has an extensive research background, having authored over 30 research papers in well regarded SCI and Scopus Journals. Furthermore, he has successfully supervised the work of four PhD students within his specific domain of research. Additionally, he has completed two consultancy projects, accumulating a total value of INR 15 Lakhs. Leveraging his own research experience and existing collaborations, he aims to establish advanced and forward-thinking research and teaching capabilities within the Energy Cluster. His unwavering dedication drives him to bridge the gap between field observations and laboratory findings, seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions for real-world problems. To achieve this, he actively engages with institutional, regional, national, and international networks, contributing to the betterment of society and ensuring a sustainable future. The primary focus areas encompass funding projects, consultancy services, and the establishment of laboratories in various disciplines, including Energy Transition, Gas Hydrates, Alternate Energy Resources, Carbon Footprints, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Oil & Gas Transportation, and clean energy. His research aim to address critical challenges and deliver innovative solutions in the energy sector.

Teaching Philosophy

His teaching philosophy revolves around utilizing project-based learning, the flipped classroom model, and incorporating case studies and real-world industrial problems into the curriculum. He emphasize a strong focus on mathematics and application-based problem solving to equip students with practical skills. Furthermore, He believe in the value of providing students with firsthand experience through geological field excursions, which serve as opportunities for on-site geological training. By embracing these methods, His aim to foster an engaging and immersive learning environment that prepares students to tackle real-world challenges in the field of geology. Dr. Uday Bhan embraces a teaching philosophy centred on hands-on training and practical real-world examples. With a strong connection to industry and research organizations, he actively seeks opportunities to launch forward-thinking programs that complement existing curricula and equip students with advanced skill sets, enhancing their employability. In the academic realm, he views himself as a team player, ready to lead from the frontlines and inspire others with passion, compassion, and energy. Each class presents a fresh opportunity to impart knowledge that is new, meaningful, and always better than the previous day. Driven by his proactive mind-set, he actively motivates and prepares students to engage in various academic forums and continuously improve their performance. Furthermore, he prioritizes honest communication and transparent conduct with his students and scholars, aligning closely with the vision and mission of UPES.

Courses Taught

Professor Bhan specializes in teaching a diverse range of subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students. His areas of expertise include sedimentology, petroleum geology, formation evaluation and well logging, sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, economic geology, engineering geology, field geology, and methods of petroleum exploration. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Professor Bhan also conducts research on how the backgrounds and motivations of students influence their learning and development within these subjects. He delves into understanding how these factors contribute to the formation and progression of students throughout their academic journey. 

Awards and Grants

Dr. Bhan has received notable awards and grants throughout their career. In 2014 and 2016, He has honoured with the Instant Recognition Awards by UPES for their exceptional contributions in academics and placement. AAPG International has bestowed prestigious international awards and recognition for Dr. Bhan's leadership and taking the UPES AAPG student chapter at new height. Starting from 2014, he has consistently received the L. Austin Grants every year. In 2020, he achieved third prize, earning a cash prize of USD $300. Additionally, he was awarded the second place in the AAPG Student Chapter Video Contest, recieved a prize of USD $700. Due to his remarkable accomplishments, AAPG nominated Dr. Bhan as the country head for India in 2020-21, and as an Ex-Officio Member in the Asia Pacific region from 2020 to 2023. Recognized as the most active faculty advisor of the AAPG student chapter in India and the Asia Pacific region, Dr. Bhan has hosted numerous Visiting Geoscientist Lectures sponsored by the AAPG Foundation. In 2017, Dr. Bhan received an appreciation certificate from AAPG International for their outstanding contribution as a Technical Committee Member in the GTW held in Mumbai, India. 

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Bhan actively participates in various academic leadership roles within the Department. These responsibilities encompass the development and modification of curricula for new and existing programs. Furthermore, he consistently contributes to the enrollment process by providing support through central counseling, conducting interviews, and engaging in interactions with prospective students and their parents across B.Tech, B.Sc, M.Sc, and M.Tech programs. As a nominated faculty member, Dr. Bhan assumes the responsibility of facilitating parent interactions and resolving any queries or doubts related to the respective programs and course curricula. Moreover, he serves as a faculty interface between students and the Career Services department, ensuring effective communication regarding placement opportunities. Additionally, Dr. Bhan holds the position of faculty advisor for an esteemed international student chapter, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). The student chapter, established in 2012 with 15 members, has significantly expanded to include over 800 student members. Under his continuous motivation and coordination, the UPES AAPG Student Chapter has successfully organized the annual International Conference and geological field workshops called CRUST since 2017. Over the past decade, Dr. Bhan has demonstrated his commitment to fostering strong connections between academia and industry. He has played a pivotal role in facilitating student training and career placements through impactful alliances between UPES and industry partners. Notably, he has taken leadership roles in signing Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with organizations such as Infosys, WIHG, and BSIP, thereby strengthening student engagement with national and international entities.