Jagadeeshwar Kodavaty

Jagadeeshwar Kodavaty

Associate Professor

Profile Summary

Professor Jagadeeshwar Kodavaty is a renowned scholar and researcher in the field of hydrogel characterization, drug release, and rheology of soft materials. His research focuses on the structure and mechanical properties of hydrogels, drug release kinetics in hydrogels, rheological characteristics of soft materials, and enhanced oil recovery methods.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Kodavaty was associated with Sri Venkateswara Engineering College, which is affiliated with JNTU Hyderabad. He also held a position at the Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science in the Department of Biotechnology. Prior to that, he was affiliated with Hindustan University, Chennai, and was deputed to Bahrain to represent the University at the ALBA training centre for the purpose of training employees in advanced diploma courses.

Research Interests

His research interests include structure prediction during the preparation of gels, phase separation in solutions and polymer gels, drug release and diffusion in gels, transport phenomena, and Rheology.

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Kodavaty's teaching philosophy is based on the principle that education's ultimate purpose lies in the act of learning and recognizing the diverse ways in which students absorb knowledge. He views teaching and learning as interconnected facets of education. Guided by the conviction that "Imagination is more than knowledge," he employs teaching strategies that kindle students' thinking and imaginative capabilities. His pedagogical approach involves using illustrative examples to highlight crucial concepts, integrating vibrant real-world scenarios. To promote active engagement, he incorporates practical problems and collaborative projects within his lectures, encouraging small-group interactions. Professor Kodavaty underscores the significance of the instructor's role both inside and outside the classroom, endeavouring to bridge the gap between students and educators. This approach nurtures a culture of questioning and dynamic learning.

Courses Taught

Prof. Kodavaty teaches various subjects such as process dynamics and control, and material and energy balance computations. In addition to core subjects, he also instructs Engineering Economics, which aids in making pivotal industry decisions, such as equipment replacement or repair.

Scholarly Activities

Professor Kodavaty has published numerous research papers in reputed journals. He has an h-index of 6 and an i10-index of 5.