Manash Protim Mudoi

Mr. Manash Protim Mudoi

Assistant Professor-SG

Profile Summary

Manash Protim Mudoi is a recognized expert in polymer composite materials, unconventional energy, environmental science & engineering, and design and simulation in the oil and gas industry. His research focuses on sustainable material development, mechanical and thermal analysis of composite materials, adsorption phenomena in coal bed methane and shale gas, enhanced gas recovery, and environment and sustainability. He addresses issues related to developing methods for tailored composite materials, their characterization, gas adsorption on porous materials, and extraction methods of natural Fibers.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Mr. Manash was associated with the oil and gas industry for almost ten years. He worked for various organizations like Triune Energy Services Limited, Petrofac, and CH2M Hill Limited.

Research Interests

His research interests include the synthesis and characterization of polymer composites, thermal degradation and mechanical failure analysis, modelling and simulation of industrial processes, adsorption and absorption phenomena in porous materials, and sustainable material development analysis.

Teaching Philosophy

Mr. Manash's teaching philosophy centres around creating a conducive environment for knowledge transfer to the students and encouraging them to learn actively. He adopts the method of "flipping the classroom" in his classes and incorporates project-based learning into his education, where groups of students explore and investigate real-world problems to find solutions.

Courses Taught

Mr. Manash has taught courses on Process Equipment Design, Process Design and Flow sheeting, Plant Utilities, Advanced Thermodynamics, Oil and Gas software, Chemical Process Safety, and Optimization techniques.

Awards and Grants

Mr. Manash received the SEED grant from UPES for conducting research in polymer composite material synthesis and characterization.

Scholarly Activities

Mr. Manash collaborated with IIT Kharagpur to conduct research on shale gas, CBM, and CO2 sequestration for enhanced gas recovery. He continuously works with the chemical engineering lab at IIT Roorkee to develop natural fibre-reinforced polymer composites and nanocomposite materials. He has led a team of multidisciplinary students in research projects like SEED. Additionally, he has developed an experimental set-up at the chemical engineering laboratory at UPES for composite development. Furthermore, he holds editorial positions in Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier USA and SSRN, Elsevier USA. He was also a Co-Convener for the Energy Summit-2022 at UPES Dehradun.