Nitu Kumari Thakur

Nitu Kumari Thakur

Assistant Professor

Profile Summary

Nitu Kumari Thakur is an enthusiastic and driven professional with 5 years of experience in research and academics in the energy sector. With a broad knowledge of different aspects of petroleum engineering, she brings innovative ideas and a fresh perspective to the classroom. Not only is she passionate about her work, but she is also deeply empathetic and genuinely cares about how research and teaching impact the environment and communities. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a start-up that focuses on developing sustainable and customizable solutions for the energy sector.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Nitu worked as an Assistant Professor at LIET, Hyderabad, for a year. During her Masters, along with a DST project focused on developing sustainable drilling options.

Research Interests

Nitu Kumari Thakur's research interests lie in Carbon Dioxide Capture, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Flow Assurance, Rheological behaviour of Drilling Fluid, and Nanotechnology.

Teaching Philosophy

As an educator, she believes in creating an inclusive classroom environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Apart from lectures, her teaching methods include group discussions, group projects, and interactive sessions, facilitating a two-way flow of knowledge and information. She is dedicated to incorporating new teaching methodologies and contemporary trends in her domain, focusing on making students competent for the professional world.

Courses Taught

Nitu Kumari Thakur teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students of Petroleum Engineering, covering courses like Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Engineering, Well Testing, Well stimulation, and Reservoir Simulation, providing them with core domain knowledge that serves as a strong foundation for future energy leaders.

Awards and Grants

Nitu Kumari Thakur has received several grants, including the DST grant under Nidhi Prayas Scheme, which encourages young entrepreneurial minds.

Scholarly Activities

Nitu Kumari Thakur has led multiple teams to attend conferences, communicate their research to peers, and share best practices at an international level. She has mentored B. Tech and M. Tech students in various projects focusing on finding sustainable alternatives in the energy sector. Moreover, she has published research papers based on the findings of the projects led under her mentorship. Currently, she is working on carbonated water injection for efficient oil recovery and drilling fluids. Additionally, she is involved in developing a lab focusing on finding economical ways of Carbon Capture.