Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar


Dr. Ajay Kumar

Profile Summary

Dr. Ajay Kumar is a renowned professor of mechanical engineering and has published more than 75 SCI/SCOPUS international journal/conference papers and many book chapters in Finite Element Analysis of composites, Engine and Emission (DOC, DPF, and composite regeneration), and VARTM process modelling. He has filed 27 patents, IPR (12 granted) in different areas, and guided 06 Engineering PhDs. Currently, 5 Engineering PhD students are working under him. Over 12 students have completed their M.Tech thesis under him. His PhD scholars have produced wonderful work in areas such as Enhanced Oil Recovery, Gas Conversion Efficiency of Composite Regeneration Systems, Magnetic Engines, and others. In composites, his work is aimed at high-performance composites subjected to severe mechanical loadings. The effect of nanoparticle reinforcements in PMC is investigated. Some notable work includes the development of Self-Healing Composites, the Effect of Graphite in MMCs, High-end Applications of Composite Pressure Vessels, High Entropy Alloys through Compo-casting, etc. Dr. Kumar has delivered many keynote lectures at national and international forums viz. GE Bangalore, ACECOST-III at R&DE Pune, at FDPs on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and technological overviews and disruptions, guiding many international internships, webinars, and counselling sessions for new aspirants of engineering and management. Additionally, he also has specialization in Management, Finance and Strategy.

Work Experience

Dr. Kumar has more than 22 years of experience in university-level engineering & management education and one year of industry experience. He has held many key portfolios at UPES, serving as Associate Head of Mechanical (2013-2015), Program Director-PG (2015 to 2018) and Head of Mechanical Engineering (2018 to 2021). He has also served as Program Director-PG and has rationalized many PG (M.Tech) programs, making them more consistent, efficient, and market-ready.

Research Interests

Dr. Ajay’s research interests lie in Finite Element Methods, Composites, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Fluid Machinery, Emission Control Systems, Self-Healing Composites, High-Pressure and High-Temperature Composites Pressure Vessels, Financial Management and Economics.

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Ajay's pedagogical philosophy is firmly rooted in his commitment to establishing a nurturing and motivating environment. He believes in outcome-based education (OBE) and strives to equip aspiring engineers with the skills to embark on a journey of perpetual learning and adaptability to evolving landscapes. Professor Ajay's teaching methodology integrates principles of "Project-Based Learning," a practice in which students delve into assigned topics drawn from the curriculum and supplementary resources. These topics are then presented and discussed collectively, offering a diverse array of case studies that extend beyond the foundational syllabus. This strategy effectively expands each student's knowledge horizons. Furthermore, Professor Ajay fosters an environment where students are inspired to engage in activities such as writing intellectual property rights (IPR), conceptualizing, and designing utility patents, and crafting articles. These endeavours facilitate the transition from novice-level thinking to an expert-level perspective, allowing students to progress confidently along their educational journey.

Courses Taught

Professor Ajay teaches various courses in Thermal Engineering, viz. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Turbomachinery, Steam Generators, etc. He investigates the heat balance of systems for efficiency and performance.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Ajay has received multiple awards for excellence in teaching and research. He is a recognized expert/evaluator of fellowships and research grants, such as Dr. D. S. Kothari research grant for newly recruited faculty members (2023). He has also been honoured with awards like the DST MANAK evaluator award from National Innovation Foundation, Star Researcher Award and Best Faculty Award from UPES. He has also been a part of international advisory boards, session chairs, and conveners for many international conferences like ICICCD, NACA, and IC3M. Professor Ajay received a research grant from FRI, ICFRE in 2021 and has worked on an ACECOST-III ARDB grant worth 26.8 lahks as Research Scholar.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Ajay is a member of several professional bodies like ASME, ASHRAE, and SAE. He led the multi-disciplinary FRI, ICFRE-funded project of "development of the fire tools" as the principal investigator. The project idea was to develop three sets of fire tool kits for better mitigation of forest fires. Also, as the Head of Mechanical Engineering, his efforts and teamwork brought NBA accreditation in Automotive Design Engineering (ADE), Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering. He has also led the team preparing for the NAAC site visit and departmental representation. He has been a part of IQAC and accreditation processes in the university, be it NBA, NAAC, QS, and NIRF. He is currently a member of the august academic council of UPES.