Deepak Bharadwaj

Deepak Bharadwaj

Assistant Professor (SG)

Profile Summary

Professor Deepak Bharadwaj is an expert in the field of robotics and automation. Currently, he is involved in implementing the reinforcement learning algorithm for navigation and control in the autonomous humanoid robot. He is also involved in capturing psychological behaviour to provide the robotics systems with self-decision-making, awareness, and emotional recognition features.

Work Experience

Before joining UPES, Prof. Bharadwaj was associated with General Energy Management System as a Senior Service Engineer and was involved in troubleshooting the gasoline dispenser. He has also worked for North Cap University Gurgaon as an Assistant Professor.

Research Interests

His research interests include Robotics, Reinforcement Algorithm, Industrial & Non-industrial Automation and Machine Vision

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Bharadwaj's teaching philosophy is firmly rooted in the utilization of a software-based approach. This approach serves as a catalyst for enabling students to visualize abstract concepts and establish connections between fundamental understanding and subject matter comprehension. By incorporating software-based assignments, students engage with real-time data and scenarios, thereby fostering an environment conducive to honing critical thinking skills in engineering problem-solving.

Courses Taught

Prof. Bharadwaj teaches Robotics & Control, Mechatronics System Design, and Hydraulics & Pneumatics. He investigates how the real-time interface establishes between several kinds of engineering components. During course delivery, he focuses on the synergistic integration of different engineering concepts for developing a product.

Scholarly Activities

Prof. Bharadwaj has led multidisciplinary teams at a Rexroth Bosch Centre of Excellence for Automation to better understand automation technology and to deliver training and development. His work has a strong approach to developing the mechatronics product. The Center of Excellence for Automation provides a platform to enhance engagement in knowledge exchange involving students and how partners in stakeholder projects can maximize the value they generate.