Dr.Geetanjali Raghav

Dr.Geetanjali Raghav

Assistant Professor SG

Profile Summary

Dr. Geetanjali has more than ten years of experience in the field of energy. She has actively contributed to various renewable energy projects in rural areas of Uttarakhand. Her expertise lies in working on solar thermal energy conversion systems and hydraulic pumps, specifically through energy audit projects. Throughout her career, Geetanjali has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to providing energy-oriented solutions for rural communities. Her inclination lies in empowering rural women in Uttarakhand, aiming to boost their confidence and enhance their participation in the energy sector.

Work Experience

Dr. Raghav brings a rich and diverse work experience in the academic field, specifically focusing on Mechanical Engineering and the Energy Sector. She started her teaching career as an Assistant Professor at TULA'S Institute in Dehradun from July 2009 to March 2010. She also held the role of Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Dehradun Institute of Technology from March 2013 to July 2014. Currently, she holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Selection Grade at UPES. Prior to this, Geetanjali served as an Assistant Professor Senior Scale at UPES from July 2018 to June 2020 and from July 2014 to June 2018. Throughout her journey, Geetanjali has made significant contributions to academic development and research in her field.

Research Interests

Dr. Raghav’s research interests include Renewable Energy, Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Sustainability, and Energy Auditing.

Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Raghav's teaching philosophy fosters a supportive learning environment that nurtures student growth. Through pre-reading tasks, real-world application in class, and small engineering problems, she cultivates critical thinking and expertise. This approach empowers students to engage actively in their education and prepares them for real-world challenges. Geetanjali emphasizes the use of small real-life engineering problems to guide students in developing expertise and analytical thinking. She empowers students to actively participate in their engineering education and prepares them for the challenges of the field.

Courses Taught

Geetanjali is well-versed in teaching a diverse range of subjects within the field of mechanical engineering. Her expertise spans Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Refrigeration and Cold Chain, Air Conditioning Vehicle Thermal Management, Operations Research, Theory of Machines, Industrial Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Power Plant Engineering, and other related disciplines.

Awards and Grants

Dr. Geetanjali has been nominated as Sustainability Co-Chair by ASHRAE Delhi 2022. She received the Best Paper Award in ICAMEES 2018. She has been involved in several significant projects related to energy audits and efficiency improvement. Some of her notable projects include conducting an energy audit of 13 villages to enhance their energy efficiency. She has also worked on improving the energy efficiency in the drinking water supply system of Uttarakhand, India. Additionally, Geetanjali has been involved in various consultancy projects too. She has conducted the performance analysis and energy audits of Multistage Centrifugal Motor Pump sets in Tehri, Chamba, and Narendra Nagar districts of Uttarakhand. She has provided consultancy services for site inspections and energy performance enhancements of pump sets at various locations in Uttarakhand, including the Tehri pumping scheme, and the Devprayag pumping scheme. Through these projects, Geetanjali has contributed to optimizing energy usage and promoting efficiency in the region's water supply systems.

Scholarly Activities

Dr. Raghav actively engages in scholarly activities, particularly within the School of Advance Engineering (SOAE). In addition to her role as a mentor for major and minor projects, she also serves as a faculty advisor to ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers). As a faculty advisor, Dr. Raghav helps students navigate their involvement in ASHRAE projects, competitions, and events, fostering their professional and leadership development in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration engineering. Her commitment to both project mentorship and faculty advising demonstrates her dedication to academic excellence and the comprehensive development of students within the field of engineering.